Cloudy Window Replacement - Colchester - Misty Glaze

Colchester seeing clearly with Misty Glaze

Have you noticed your windows becoming cloudy at your home or business within the Colchester area?
Misty Glaze are ready to help with our specialist cloudy window and double glazing replacement service.

At Misty Glaze we make it our goal to restore your current window frame and replace the double glazing panes only, with our quick and effective double glazing replacement service. Using the latest insulated glass specifications, our team of experts can repair your cloudy windows with ease, guaranteeing your home/business stays energy efficient, at a fraction of the cost!

Many customers believe they need to replace the whole frame when a cloudy window presents itself, not so! A quick visit from Misty Glaze and within minutes, we can restore your existing unsightly cloudy double glazed window with our cloudy window replacement service!

William the general Manager at Misty Glaze said:

“We are very excited to be able to offer our double glazing replacement services in Colchester, Essex. We have been replacing failed double glazing throughout London and Hertfordshire since 2015 and really feel that our cloudy window replacements will be welcomed by the people of Colchester. I am particularly looking forward to travelling to household and commercial properties to offer our cost-effective double-glazing replacement glass services. This has been a long time coming and after months of research and planning, I am super excited to get things started and expand Misty Glaze in Colchester”