Misted windows service

Many people experience what is known as misted windows, foggy glass or cloudy windows and often get a shock when searching for a company to perform window condensation repairs. There are many companies that will insist on replacing your whole window frame, this is very costly and often completely unnecessary.

Here at Misty Glaze we specialise in replacing the panes and never the frames, this will save you money and fully restore your misty or foggy glass to new. So before investing in a whole new window to fix that blown window or to remove water between double glazing, give Misty Glaze a call for simple window condensation repairs. We cover London, Essex and Herts and are happy to provide a free quotation.

Condensation in the windows

Sometimes it is very difficult to tell if you have a failed or blown double glazing as people sometimes mistake condensation on the inside of the windows as a major issue. However as long as the condensation in the windows is not between the two panes of glass then you are okay and your unit is acting normally.

However, should you see water between double glazing or moisture inside the two panes of glass then this is a sign that the unit has failed. This will lead to the misty looking windows and is known as blown double glazing.

Window Condensation Removal - London - Essex - Misty Glaze

Condensation Window Removal - London - Essex - Misty Glaze

Removing moisture inside windows

Do not be fooled by companies claiming that they can drill a small hole and re-gas the unit. The stains caused by moisture inside windows will never go away and you will be left with misty glass despite paying for a repair. Investing in a new pane from Misty Glaze will mean that you will go back to the wonderful views you had before the problem.

Removing Moisture - London - Essex - Misty Glaze

Removing Window Moisture - London - Essex - Misty Glaze

Steamy windows / foggy glass / misted glass / cloudy glass

The sad truth is misty glass and steamy windows / foggy glass do not just happen to units that are old. It can happen to brand new windows too, we have known units to suffer from failed double glazing within days of installation!

Misty Glaze are experts at fixing the problem with condensation in the windows and restoring your misty glass to brand new. Do not be alarmed either, as just because you have one blown double glazing unit this will not mean that all of your units have to be replaced. Water between double glazing of one window doesn’t mean the neighbouring units are faulty. A window condensation repair can be made on any single window within a unit.

Replacing misted glass to match the existing

Even if you have special glass, patterned glass or different lead size and colours Misty Glaze can provide a perfectly matching replacement to all window styles and designs. We can also provide advice on how to upgrade your glass to improve home insulation or to enhance the security of a window. Many people are also worried that the window condensation repair will take time. Misty Glaze are a team of experts and average 10 to 30 minutes for repair to misted glass or blown double glazing. Because we replace the pane and not the frame the job is often a very quick process with a minimum amount of disruption.

So if you notice moisture inside windows, condensation in the windows, misty glass or foggy glass then give Misty Glaze a call today and we will give you simple and honest advice. We want to restore your windows with a simple and affordable solution remembering we never replace the frame only the pane.

We offer our window condensation repair services to household and commercial properties. Misty Glaze can replace the glass on any uPVC, aluminium, curtain walling and timber windows. We can replace the glass on any make of windows, past and present systems.

Window Condensation Repair - London - Essex - Misty Glaze

Condensation Window Repair - London - Essex - Misty Glaze

Window condensation repair in Essex, London and Herts

Many of our glass replacements are carried out in London, Essex and Herts. We also cover surrounding areas of Loughton, Buckhurst Hill, Chigwell, Chingford, Ilford, Leyton, Enfield, Woodford Green, Walthamstow, Epping, Theydon Bois, Harlow, Ongar, Romford, Waltham Abbey and many more…

Call us today for simple honest advice. You can be sure that our main goal at Misty Glaze is to restore your existing windows and doors with a simple and affordable glass replacement service.

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So next time you notice a misty panel in one of your blown window units, remember… one unit can be replaced at any time!