When a Misty Glaze professional glazing installer replaces a double glazed unit in your property, we typically follow a set of specific steps to ensure a successful replacement.

Here’s an outline of the steps a professional glazer would take:

Measuring Windows - Steamed Up Double Glazing

Step 1 – Initial Assessment and Measurement

Conduct a thorough assessment of the existing window to determine what is the most suitable approach for double glaze replacement. Employing specialised laser technology, we can precisely determine the glass specifications, ensuring an exact match with the previous glass. Should the present glass not meet the current health and safety regulations, we will upgrade it accordingly

Glass Fabrication - Steamed Up Double Glazing

Step 2 – Glass Fabrication

After obtaining the glass specifications, the manufacturing process commences. Misty Glaze utilises state-of-the-art equipment for crafting the new glass windows. We exclusively source glass from our trusted and approved partners, such as Pilkingtons and Saint Gobain, ensuring the replacement meets the highest quality standards.

Step 3 – Installation preparation

Once a suitable installation date is arranged, a Misty Glaze professional glazing installer will return for the installation. Our team of professionals will meticulously remove the old or damaged glass unit from the window frame, taking great care to prevent any harm coming to the frame throughout this process.

Double Glazing Installation - Steamed Up Double Glazing

Step 4 – Installing the new glass unit

Initially, we clean the window frame thoroughly and prepare it for the installation of the new double glazed unit. Remove any residue or debris left from the old unit. Following this, the new double-glazed unit is carefully installed into the prepped window frame, ensuring a precise fit and correct alignment. Finally, appropriate sealants are applied to create an airtight and watertight seal around the edges of the double-glazed unit, securing it firmly within the frame.

Step 5 – Cleaning and Final Inspection

Following the installation process, our expert installers will conduct a thorough assessment to ensure the new unit is correctly aligned, functions smoothly (opens, closes, locks) and provides the desired energy efficiency. Our professionals will then clean the glass to remove any smudges or residue from the installation. Conduct a final inspection to ensure the replacement was successful and adheres to our stringent quality standards.

Our company ethos prioritises transparent communication with our customers, ensuring they are well-informed about the replacement process, care instructions and warranties. We are dedicated to guaranteeing customer satisfaction with every double glazing replacement carried out by Misty Glaze.

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