All of our Integral blinds projects have been fitted into current double glaze frames. Most companies that offer this service will require you to replace your entire window and door frames. At Misty Glaze, our passion is to restore and improve your existing window frames, saving you money. We only promote and promise to update your home by replacing the panes of glass ONLY! – This is no different with our Integral blinds inside windows systems.

What are blinds inside windows and how they work

Windows with built in blinds operate using two discreate magnetic sliders situated on the edge of the glass. The magnetic control blocks are manually operated, one which glides up and down the surface of the glass controlling the tilt, and one controlling the vertical functions. The blinds move double the distance that you move the magnetic controls, giving you a straightforward yet functional system saving you time and effort.

Why integral blinds?

Blinds inside windows are becoming ever more popular. Instead of the traditional blind hanging behind the window or door, we install the integral blind between the glazed panels, giving you a more hygienic and maintenance free home. Our windows with built in blinds are perfect for windows in kitchens where traditional blinds harbour grease, which is difficult to remove over time. Our new Integral blinds are located between the panes of glass where they cannot be damaged and will no longer need consistent cleaning.

Blinds Between Glass - Essex - London - Hertfordshire

Integral blinds up

Blinds Between Panes - Essex - London - Hertfordshire

Integral blinds down but open

Blinds Between Windows - Essex - London - Hertfordshire

Integral blinds closed

These can be placed into most existing types of door and windows. As large as French doors, bi folding or sliding, to outward or inward opening. As long as the existing thickness of the unit is between 24mm and 28mm – Which are the most popular thicknesses throughout the UK, including older and brand-new double glazing.

Installing integral blinds to existing frames

To install the blinds, we carefully pop out your existing double-glazed glass units, and simply swap them over with our integral blinds between the glass panes. If you’ve had a recent conservatory or bi fold doors installed and have problems with too much sunlight at particular times of the day, you can now upgrade these windows to our stunning blinds inside window system.

Integral Blinds - Blinds Between Window Panes - Essex - London -Hertfordshire


Our bespoke integral blinds come highly recommended; we use the finest materials providing you excellent quality blinds.

Windows with built in blinds are ideal to have in rooms where they are more likely to get damaged or dirty such as commercial buildings, bathrooms, and children’s bedrooms. Not only are Integral blinds completely safe from pets and children but are extremely simple and easy to operate. Our blinds lower, raise and tilt functions are achieved using the latest enhanced magnetic transmission through the glass, guaranteeing to improve user experience.

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For homes throughout London, Essex and Hertfordshire that face main roads and busy high streets, these blinds are ideal for maintaining privacy. As well as a great way of controlling room temperature and protecting furniture from fading through sunlight. Our specialist blinds give you the upmost protection from the glare and heat of the sun whilst remaining dust, grease, and damage free.

What blinds we offer

At Misty Glaze our blind systems are available in Pleated or Venetian format, these come with the function options of cord, magnetic or automated. Cord operation is the most cost-effective option but unfortunately is not suitable for bifold or sliding doors due to the hanging cord. Magnetic is our most favoured blind system, not only is it affordable but is stylish, simple to use and neatly displayed. Fully automated blinds are of course our most expensive system. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on pricing.

Blinds Between Window Colours - Integral Blind Colours - Essex - London - Hertfordshire

Integral Blind Colours - Blinds Between Window Colours - Essex - London - Hertfordshire

Venetian blinds deliver the ultimate defence against harmful UV rays using horizontal slats that allow easy adjustment of light entering your home, whereas Pleated blinds are a desirable and elegant blind solution perfect for individuals looking to enhance their thermal protection.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on pricing.

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The perfect Integral Blind solution

This kind of blinds inside window system is perfect for those with conservatories, sliding doors and windows etc. They can be installed into your current window frames, allowing in a gentle light flow completely controlled by you, making them perfect for any home or commercial buildings. They also work to ensure your windows are not damaged by the weather over time.

Blinds in Double Glazing - Essex - London - Hertfordshire

Windows Built Blinds - Essex - London - Hertfordshire

Our windows with built in blinds are securely installed in between the panes of glass keeping them in immaculate condition for many years to come. They are perfect to complement any interior design with our many styles and colour options.

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We are currently offering this brand new product to all our clients within London, Essex and Hertfordshire and are expecting this to grow rapidly popular throughout the UK.