Misty Glaze provides the below information on fire escape hinges for all letting agencies, insurance companies, tenants and home owners.

Important information regarding window hinges.

Over 90% of the broken window hinges that Misty Glaze has replaced did not have the correct fire escape hinges.  These older hinges would no longer pass today’s FENSA health and safety regulations.

It is a concern for home owners and landlords throughout the UK. Fitting fire escape hinges to your windows could be the difference between life and death.

Window Safety Requirements

FENSA health and safety regulations state that fire escape hinges must be fitted to any habitable room, on both ground and upper floor windows.  All escape windows are required to open at 90 degree angle. This enables the fire brigade to access to the building for emergency purposes or as an emergency escape route.

This is why it is very important to check all windows to ensure these are installed.  Windows fitted with our fire escape and easy clean hinges comply with the above regulations as long as the openings are sufficient; we recommend 600mm pane width.

Landlords Responsibility

If you are a landlord or letting agency without fire escape hinges on your properties, it is imperative that you check the UK laws.  As a safety precaution, Misty Glaze recommends that you address the absence of fire escape hinges before placing any tenant into your property.

Misty Glaze can provide escape windows and fire escape hinges for both side hung windows and top hung windows.

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