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Council house windows can be repaired by misty glaze across Essex, London and the surrounding areas

Do you reside in a council property? Do you manage council property maintenance? Do you need a council window repairs service? Are you a council looking at costs to repair council house windows?

If the answer is yes, and you want to save on cost, by just repairing council house windows then consider Misty Glaze!

Council house windows can do with a little TLC from time to time, particularly if you are suffering from a broken window, misty panes or the double glazing itself has been cracked or smashed. If this is the case, then the team here at Misty Glaze can help to secure your council accommodation premises. We even work with outsourced council property maintenance teams to offer a complete service

Our condensation removal service is an extremely popular within this sector, especially for council window repairs.

Many council tenants and the councils teams themselves are concerned with damp and condensation problems within council property homes, which often can be the cause and route of tenant health problems, as well as unexpected higher energy bills.

The team here at Misty Glaze can replace / or repair any blown double glazed window unit at extremely low costs, banishing council house windows condensation for good.

Council House Windows - Essex - Misty Glaze

See how we helped remove cloudy windows


Broken window hinges are a high service requirement amongst council window repairs

Another extremely popular service for council accommodation is broken window hinges as well as friction stays. Broken window hinges often cause very large gaps within the double glazed unit, causing drafts and air to escape through the insulated double glazing.

With many council tenants complaining to the councils or the property maintenance teams, Misty Glaze can ensure broken window hinges are fixed, within a responsible time frame and cost for all council house windows.

Repairing broken hinges is a very straightforward window repair service, as we have repaired and replaced many broken window hinges within council properties for many years.

There are many Essex, London and Hertfordshire council residents that suffer from dampness in their properties, and a simple affordable glass replacement, or hinge replacement is all that is required to restore the existing window frames.

Council Window Repairs - London - Misty Glaze

Misty Glaze are also aware that most bedroom windows do not have the correct fire escape friction stay hinges that are installed, leaving council accommodation vulnerable and unsafe if any unexpected fires occur within the property or building. Council house windows need to be safe and secure for tenants health and safety. The team here at Misty Glaze can upgrade any double glazed window with fire escape hinges, so there is no need to replace the frames or worry about safety.

So if you are a council and experience the following problems within your council property building, or are a council tenant looking to repair, replace or service you council house windows – then consider Misty Glaze!

  • Misted Glass
  • Condensation in double glazing
  • Broken window hinges
  • Steamed up double glazing
  • Foggy windows
  • Cloudy double glazing
  • Stains between window glass
  • Misty window / windows
  • Windows suffering from broken friction stays
  • Fire escape window hinges
  • Blown window seals

We can offer a cost effective solution for all your council window repairs alongside a friendly, reliable and honest service. Give us a call today on 0208 504 9980 or email

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