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We often get calls for our misty double glazing services, and our window and door repairs, we can accommodate existing and new potential Letting agent clients.

Our glass repair service is very popular within this sector, and we also offer emergency glazing for our clients.

Lots of windows and doors are repairable. We can change Friction Stay Hinges, Locks, Handles, Euro Cylinders, and all aspects of glass replacements, misted glass, blown seals, blown double glazing, steamed-up double glazing, broken glass, and emergency glass repairs, we have it all covered at Misty Glaze.

In the ever so popular lettings market, we know how important it is to keep repair costs affordable for the landlords, and we believe that over 95% of all windows and doors can be repaired, instead of being replaced, this is a very big cost effective solution, especially when every penny counts when letting a property out.

Residential glass replacement without the fuss

We can deal direct with the landlords, or the most popular scenario is that we deal direct with the selected sales and letting agent.

We can offer discount prices for repeat agents that we deal with, and once we build up a special working relationship, we can offer a 30 day payment credit, as this works very well and co-ordinates with the monthly rental costs, especially when the rent is due after each month, on different days, for each selective tenant.

Residential window contracting company

Residential window replacement

The agents that we work with sends us a job request sheet with instructions of the glazing repair works that are required. Along with the property address and tenant contact details, we make direct contact and book the jobs in for a convenient date for both parties.

The professional window replacement contractors

Once we have inspected the windows and doors, we will survey and take notes on the glazing issues, and report back to the agents with a full quotation and scope of works that is required to restore the windows and doors.

Once the info is sent back to the letting agents, we await for instructions from the landlord to say if they would like us to carry out the double glazing repairs for them.

This service is becoming very popular due to the age of many windows and doors, plus the existing warranties that are no longer valid.

Please see some our testimonials from our existing sales and letting agent clients, and rest assured that when calling Misty Glaze, the care and professional service will be second to none, and we are proud of the reputation we have for our double glazing repair service for letting agents throughout London, Essex and Herts.

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