Condensation in windows can be a huge annoyance in your home or workplace. When left, this can lead to more serious issues such as dampness and mould. If you see condensation trapped between your window panes this is a sign that your double glazing is not working as well as it should be.

What is condensation?

Condensation in windows is caused when the warm air within your home meets the cold surface of your window. This is due to the indoor air having a higher humidity level, meaning it holds more moisture turning the water vapor into a liquid inside your window panes.  This water vapor becomes trapped inside the double glazed unit, making it impossible to remove by traditional cleaning methods.

Removing Window Condensation - London - Essex - Misty Glaze

How condensation is made and the damage it causes.

Window condensation problems are one of the most frequent double glazing issues in properties. This is a significant sign that the seal on your double glazing has failed, causing gaps to appear and therefore letting moisture in between the panes.

Removing window condensation is crucial, here are a few reasons why…

1. Window performance

Having faulty double glazing units will massively affect the performance of your windows. This means it could be costing you a lot more than it should to heat each individual room. This is due to warm air leaking through the windows letting the cold outside air inside. This means losing heat from your home causing your heating bills to significantly raise.

2. Reducing the lifespan of your windows

Window condensation problems will considerably reduce the lifespan of a window.  Especially if the sealed unit is left with significant amounts of moisture for long periods of time. This moisture can slowly break down the glass spaces and begin to leak into the uPVC units.

3. Health issues

Condensation in windows itself is not thought to be unsafe, nevertheless if it is not maintained effectively then it can develop into damp and mould which in time will begin to smell. This is connected to health conditions such as asthma and Bronchitis. It is so important to keep condensation at bay before it gets worse and causes damage to your home or worse your health.

4. Visibility problems

One of the most frustrating factors is not being able to remove the condensation in the windows. As the moisture is trapped within the two panes of glass, it is impossible to wipe away.  The longer window condensation problems are left untreated, the further the moisture will build up. Essentially leaving the window completely blocked out by the vapor and impairing visibility completely.

Removing Window Condensation - London - Essex - Before - Misty Glaze

Removing Window Condensation - London - Essex - After - Misty Glaze

Removing window condensation cost effectively.

As specialists, we at Misty Glaze strongly recommend removing window condensation by replacing your double glazing units at the first sign of condensation forming.

If your double glazing is experiencing window condensation problems, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole window is faulty. It would depend on where the condensation is within your window.

As we are only replacing the glass that is affected with window condensation problems, you do not need to spend out on replacing the whole window unit.

Replacing windows with condensation will have a major benefit on retaining warmth in your home, as well as making it more economical to heat. We aim to replace your window panes in a time and cost-effective way, saving you further expenses on remodelling or replacing your window panes and window frames.

Condensation In Window - London - Essex - Before - Misty Glaze

Condensation In Window - London - Essex - After - Misty Glaze

For more information on how to solve your window condensation problems and removing window condensation, contact Misty Glaze for a professional and affordable solution…

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