Here are some more common questions that we receive at Misty Glaze

Why choose Misty Glaze?

If you have seen moisture in your window panes or are thinking about re-glazing your windows, then you could do worse then calling Misty Glaze. We are a leading glazier and as we never replace the frames only the panes we pride ourselves on being affordable and honest. All of our double glazed sealed units come with a full warranty and of course we check for drainage problems.

Lots of homes suffer from cheap double glazing that misted up causing double glazing moisture, but here at Misty Glaze we specialise in getting rid of the problem by replacing the steamed up double glazing, giving you back the crystal-clear view you deserve.

Can I upgrade my existing glass to more heat insulated?

Of course. We offer full glass upgrade packages on all your existing windows and doors and can make your home more energy efficient. If you want more information, please give us a call here at Misty Glaze, your glass doesn’t have to be misted for us to replace and improve.

Can I replace the glass in one window at a time?

Yes. Lots of our customers just need one double glazed unit replacing and we recommend only changing panes that have failed. If you want we can of course replace the entire house or office as well, condensation in double glazed window does not mean the frames need replacing, our team will give you honest advice about what is best for you.

My local well respected window company have told me my windows are unrepairable, is this correct?

Here at Misty Glaze we would say that over 95% of windows can be repaired by replacing the glass pane. Of course, if the old frame is rotten you may require a new one. Our team can give you honest advice.

What is the cause of glass units failing?

There are three main reasons why misty glass and condensation happens. This could be because of window drainage issues; the install was carried out incorrectly or the seal has broken meaning that water and moisture can get between the two panes of glass. We will always carry out some drainage slots before installing the new double glazed sealed unit, if we discover any blockages.

Do you accept card payments?

Yes, we can accept all card payments, all major debit and credit cards including Amex (American Express).

Do you charge for quotations?

All our quotations are free of charge. We want to give you an accurate price. We can also estimate via email if you include sizes and pictures and can offer a estimate on the same day.

My windows are aluminium and have been in for over 25 years I can’t see any sign of beading for the glass to be replaced can this be done?

This is an old-style wrap around system and our fully trained engineers have repaired many of these by carefully taking the old frame apart and building it around the new unit. While lots of companies will tell you, it cant be done, give us a call and we can give you honest advice and a free quote.

What if my windows have Georgian bar, leaded or bevels can one be changed or do we need to replace all?

Rest assured we have been doing this for over twenty years and our expert surveyors can match the exact design from one pane to the whole property. This includes things like lead thickness and of course antique lead meaning your windows will not be out of place, we can match any bevel, lead pattern, obscure, and Georgian bars.

Do you give a warranty on new glass replaced?

All new double glazed units come with a full warranty and you can rest assured that Misty Glaze will take full responsibility for the glass fitted.

I’ve been told the glass is a special size and cannot be matched or manufactured?

There are no special sizes in double glazing and this is something that companies say to try to sell you costly replacements maybe even for the entire building.

We use high end equipment enabling us to find out the exact specifications of your glass meaning we can replace the pane and not the frame. We will make sure everything will be matched up meaning you can replace one window not ten, we have access to all Georgian bar designs, lead patterns and obscured privacy glass.

Will I receive a FENSA Certificate when my units are replaced by Misty Glaze?

No as these are only ever needed when a whole window or door is replaced. We just replace the glass, this essentially is just a repair to the existing window or door. Of course, this doesn’t mean we don’t comply with all of the FENSA requirements. Our valued customers get the same high level of service.

Do you demist the double glazing unit, or drill any holes in the glass?

Absolutely 100% no. When you have moisture in window panes, the desiccant and the hot melt seal will be saturated with moisture, while some companies may drill a hole in the glass, this will never erase the white stains in between the steamed up double glazing. We replace the entire pane giving you crystal-clear views, and of course a full warranty.

Do you change the rubber seals when replacing the glass?

This will depend on how the glass pane was first fitted, some are fitted with double sided security tape while others are fitted with rubber wedge gaskets. Our honest team will refit the existing rubber seals where possible, we can also offer our clients a fair price for a replacement if the gaskets appear to have shrunk. If any of the seals are obsolete, we will plug the gaps with the correct sealant.

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