Insulating windows with Misty Glaze

Anyone who is considering insulating windows or thinking about window replacement glass, should also be looking at how they can save money on energy bills whilst causing minimal disruption. Lots of people think that changing the glass in their windows to insulating glass will be expensive and cause a lot of issues.

This is not the case at Misty Glaze we only ever replace the panes and not the frames meaning you can get insulated windows quickly and easily with a minimum amount of fuss.

Insulating windows

Soundproofing windows

The window replacement glass is always made to high standards (A to C Rated) and will ensure maximum energy efficiency saving you money on your heating bills.

Our energy efficient glass is made of two pieces of glass with the gap filled with Argon gas to give you maximum thermal insulation. This combines the warm edge spacer bars (which conduct less hear or cold then regular aluminium bars) and the soft coat low emissive for the inner pane.

Insulating glass windows with warm edge spacer bar technology

Warm edge spacer bar conducts less heat or cold than traditional windows and standard constructed double glazed units, standard units are constructed with an aluminium spacer bar that holds the 2 panes of glass apart, however aluminium is highly conductive and also has an exceptionally high thermal energy loss.

Comparatively, double glazed windows fitted with a warm edge spacer bar have a warmer internal edge temperature by up to 65% which helps improve the thermal efficiency of the window and reduce the risk of condensation.

If you are interested in the our insulated glass technology, call us today for friendly advice and see the benefits of window replacement glass to the insulating glass. We can provide a free quotation today and operate in London, Essex and Herts.

Soundproofing windows with Misty Glaze

If you are looking for soundproofing windows then we can provide acoustic laminated noise reduction glass, which is especially popular in busy commercial environments. The gap between the panes acts as a special core that soaks up and absorbs noise levels.

Here at Misty Glaze we offer lots of thicknesses of glass and we can inspect your current set-up, give you free and honest advice about which thickness would support your needs and frames the best. Not all frames will benefit and we will be honest with you and not sell you anything that might not work.

Soundproof glass within noisy surroundings

Our Acoustic Laminated noise reduction Glass is very popular in busy areas that suffer from noise pollution coming through double glazed windows and Doors. We have supplied and fitted soundproof glass to main offices within busy London and homes that are located near airports. We can replace your existing double glazed sealed units with a upgraded glass specification, soundproof glass can really make a big difference when fitted into the right frames.

Window replacement glass

These soundproofing windows are sightly heavier than your traditional glass windows. So we would have to inspect the existing window hinges, to make sure that they can withstand the weight of the new window replacement glass. Adding mass by making the glass thicker, plus added air space between the panes, will make a huge difference in drowning out noise pollution from windows and doors.

Book a appointment today for more information, we will only carry out a soundproof glass installation where needed. The Misty Glaze team always provide honest advice and will never miss-sell any of our products.

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We can upgrade and replace existing windows to insulating glass or soundproof glass in Essex, London and Herts