How to clear Misted Double Glazed Windows

Cleaning Misted Double Glazed Windows - London

This is a question that is very popular within the double glazing industry, the build up of condensation on new and old window panes is an all too familiar senario.

Most believe that when a misted window presents itself, there is only one option to clear the window, which is to replace the whole window, frame and glass. The most cost effective solution is to replace the misted panel only. This is cost effective and the most time saving method to resolve the problem.

We look at the reasons why windows become misted.

How To Clear Double Glazed Glass - London

How To Clear Double Glazed Window - London

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Condensation Issues

How does this happen?

Misted windows present themselves when one side of the glass is warm and the other side of the glass is cold. This is how water vapour becomes visible (the same can be seen when liquid comes in  contact with a colder surface).

The desiccant within the spacer bars become saturated and can no longer dry the moisture between the double glazed window panes. We recommend the following to combat misted windows and surface condensation on your double glazed windows.

1. Air Flow

Keep a constant air flow and consistent temperature to avoid any internal surface condensation problems.

2. Curtains and Nets

Curtains that are too close to the window panes can cause dampness and condensation. Try to maintain a generous gap between the material and the glass surface.

3. Bathroom doors

We recommend keeping your bathroom doors closed after taking a bath or shower, the excess steam can travel through to the bedroom windows and cause window condensation.

4. Drying Clothes

This is most definitely a big problem and cause of window condensation. Try to avoid at all costs hanging clothes to dry inside, especially on radiators. The clothes become dry, but the excess water becomes a part of the atmosphere and always finds its way onto the double glazed glass surface.

5. Cooking

Try to keep a window open when using the pots and pans in the kitchen, as the excess steam will always cool down to become moisture. That can eventually appear on the inside pane of your double glazing.

6. De-humidifier

Some properties really can suffer from airborne moisture within the home. In some cases this can cause dampness, mould and condensation, becoming very problematic. De-humidifier plug in devices are a very good solution for keeping moisture under control, which also helps in preventing serious health issues.

How To Clear Misted Windows - London

How To Clear Misted Glass - London

If you have moisture between the glass panes and are experiencing misted windows, The best solution is to replace the misted pane.

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