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A-rated windows

One of Misty Glaze’s latest a-rated windows projects took place on a domestic property in Loughton that initially required a leaded glass window repair.

Due to the condition of the lead, which had become brittle and unsightly, the property owner was looking for a leaded glass window repair. However, 5 out of the 24 units suffered from condensation within the panes, which affecting the views. So a new window replacement were also needed on some of the windows.

After shopping around for the new windows, they were advised by most double glazing companies to replace the whole windows, including the frames. Most of the traditional leaded light specialists usually involves an expensive leaded glass window repair. So this new window projects started becoming costly for the home owner.

After a consultation with Misty Glaze, we provided an alternative option on having all of the diamond leads replaced with clear units. As well as, upgrading the glass specifications to achieve a more energy efficient window.

Leaded Windows Replacements

Expensive leaded glass window repair

The home owner didn’t want the expense of a leaded glass window repair on two large bays, so went with our proposal. They were very happy and surprised to see the new windows completely change the appearance of the property.  By just replacing the double glazed units and also upgrade there energy efficiency, it saved the owner thousands of pounds.

Misty Glaze replaced 24 new windows in total. The glass specifications consisted of 4mm clear low iron on the external pane, separated by a Black warm edge spacer, Argon Gas and a planitherm total + low energy heat insulated glass on the internal pane.

We replaced the windows handles from white, to satin silver, this really gave the windows a nice new look, especially with the new clear glass.

Leaded Windows Repair

After 6 hours our installation team carried out the glass replacement swiftly, and efficiently. The clients were very happy with the results, and even noticed that the new double glazed units had gave the windows some noise reduction from the busy Loughton traffic!

As you can see from the pictures, we completely transformed the look of this property with a simple, clean and affordable glass replacement service.  Given a alternative to home owners, that you don’t have to change your existing frames to achieve a updated look and an update on glass specifications.

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