What does Foggy Double Glazing mean?

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Why have my windows become foggy?

This is a very popular question that we deal with at Misty Glaze on a daily basis!

We are experienced in dealing with all kinds of terms that our clients describe regarding their fogged up double glazing! Let us explain how foggy windows have become a popular service within the Misty Glaze world!

How your double glazed units are sealed

  1. The double glazed sealed unit process starts with large sheets of glass.
  2. They are cut to size. (depending on what is measured when the surveyor inspects the foggy double glazing)
  3. Two pieces of glass are cut, one side is the internal pane and the other side is the external pane.
  4. The glass is cut and the manufacturing process starts with cutting the spacer bar. This is the product that separates the two panes of glass.
  5. Once the spacer bars have been cut, there are corner keys that are placed into the bars. The longer side of the spacer bars and filled with desiccant seeds.
  6. Desiccant seeds are what you find in trainer boxes. It is a product that drawers moisture from the glass panels.
  7. After the spacer bars have been filled, the spacer bars are then placed in-between the two panes of glass. Most double glazed units are filled with Argon gas at this point through special holes within the spacer bar, then plugged with caps in the corners.
  8. The glass panels go through a special washing process before the sealing process.
  9. The glass unit is put onto the pressure clamping table ready for the hot melt application.
  10. The double glazed sealed unit has the hot melt sealant applied around all four sides. The corners are squeezed with special silicone based pads. (the hot melt sealant is an oil based product that is applied between 187 and 195 degrees)
  11. The unit has been sealed, it is then taped with black cloth tape to protect the installation team from any nasty cuts. This gives an extra waterproof layer against the hot melt sealant from being attacked.

Why has My Window Become Foggy - Double Glazed Sealed Unit

Why has My Window Become Foggy - Double Glazed Sealed Unit

So there you have it, when foggy windows start to appear, it can be due to the breakdown in the sealant that holds the two panes together.

At Misty Glaze, we specialise in foggy window repairs and replacements, no job is too big or too small for us.

Foggy window repairs are very affordable. Misty Glaze can replace your fogged up double glazing with crystal clear glass!

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