Warranty from previous double glazing company

Double Glazing Warranty - Misty Glaze

My warranty has expired from my previous choice of double glazing company, and they said they only change the frames, and cannot offer any glass replacement or repair service, what can I do?

This is a question we receive a lot at Misty Glaze, many people that have invested in new Double Glazing in previous years, are now at the stage where some simple window repairs are required, Misty, Misted, Blown double Glazed units, broken hinges, handles and locks, all start to show signs of some wear and tear.

Many of the big branded window and door companies simply and politely advise there existing client to find a double glazing repair company online, as they cannot offer this service to them, this only happens when there 10 year warranty has expired, and most of the big brands and we’ll respected companies always honour there warranty responsibilities.

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Lots of our clients become concerned when the receive this answer from the previous installers, and start to think that there Glass units cannot be replaced, and they will require all new windows and doors again.

Repair and replace any windows and doors

We can replace Double Glazed sealed units, and repair any windows and doors, from any previous manufacturers or double glazing company, past and present, so there is no need to worry that your expensive investment many years ago has come to the end of its shelf life, just because the warranty has expired.

At Misty Glaze we replace the GLASS ONLY  and NEVER THE FRAMES, and our values have never changed, we simply restore and repair Windows and Doors.

So if your warranties have expired, and have had windows and doors installed by; Crystals, Everest, Anglian, Safestyle, SEHBAC or any other double glazing company.  Don’t be fooled when they say you need to replace the full unit… WHY CHANGE THE FRAMES WHEN YOU CAN REPLACE THE PANES!

Misty Glaze are fully experienced and trained in replacing misty glass units, blown double glazing, hinges, handles and locks, to any of these previous brands, plus any other double glazing company that are not trading anymore past and present.

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Many clients do loose faith in these respected brands, but after a quick chat with our surveyors and installers. We simply explain that just because some repairs are required after many years, it doesn’t mean the double glazing company is bad that have installed them.  It’s is very rare in today’s market, that we see a bad product or profile. The repairs are required from wear and tear, and anything that is double glazed will eventually loose it’s seal, and will need replacing, but just the GLASS ONLY and NEVER THE FRAMES.

Give us a call today, for more information, and never listen to a double glazing company Salesman that says your double glazing is unrepairable, any age, any make, model, manufacturer, we can repair and restore at Misty Glaze.

London, Essex, Herts, and many surrounding areas.