Broken glass repairs this summer

Broken Window Repairs - Misty Glaze

During the summer months, Misty Glaze receive a high volume of calls and enquiries relating to broken glass repairs. The main cause of these broken windows is often due to small stones, that are not visible under the grass, connecting with the blades on the mower or strimmer and flick up at very high speeds. If these small stones hit the double glazed doors and windows, the double glaze panels can crack. Or at worst, the broken windows can shatter completely (see the examples below).

As we are aware, the glass area is more likely to get hit by flying objects other than the frame, and its always the big double glazed doors that get hit by the stones.

Broken Glazing - Misty Glaze

We get lots of broken glass repair calls from our local areas of Loughton, Buckhurst Hill, Chigwell and Chingford. We also have many garden maintenance companies that rely on our quick reliable and affordable glass replacement services for broken windows.

We have seen all types of glass breakages throughout the years at Misty Glaze, and some have been broken by pigeons and other birds that fly into the glass units. When the glass survives, you can usually see the outline and the wingspan of the bird!

We have also seen broken windows caused by stones that have flicked off tyres from passing cars that have hit the front windows and doors of properties.

We advise all our clients to make a check list of the things to do below, before plugging in those Lawnmowers and Strimmers.

  1. Very important, to make sure all adults, children and pets are inside of the house when cutting the grass, if a stone can cause a extra strong toughened safety glass unit to break, with such impact and force, then the results would be devastating to humans and pets.
  2. Check the areas that you are working on, for any larger visible stones.
  3. If you have some timber boards, they can be put against the bigger areas of glass (like the doors).  Protecting the windows that are more than likely to cost more to replace if they get broken.
  4. Always inspect the areas after using the devices for any broken glass, as there are many disputes between home owners and the gardeners on how the glass was broken. Because of the noise of the mowers and Strimmers, it’s very difficult to even know that you have done such damage to a glass panel.

Broken Window Repairs - Misty Glaze

Broken glass repair

If you do need a our broken glass repair and glass replacement services, we can act quickly to safely secure the broken windows with our Emergency Glazing safety film, for maximum security and reassurance until a new double glazed unit is installed.

We offer our glazier services to insurance companies, domestic and commercial properties. So if you have suffered from a unfortunate broken window in Chigwell, Loughton, Chingford and Buckhurst Hill, you can be sure that here at Misty Glaze, we are fully equipped to take care of all your double glazing repair issues.

Give us a call today for any further info or advice on how to keep your windows and doors safe and secure from lawnmowers and strimmers, and any other flying objects!!

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