Emergency glazing callouts growing in the Golden Triangle of Essex

Emergency Glass Window Repair - Misty Glaze

Misty Glaze receive a lot of emergency glazing callouts and emergency window replacement in Loughton, Chigwell and Buckhurst Hill. As the Nights are drawing in, we experience a very high volume of breaks in, Burglaries, and criminal damage.

Throughout the years at Misty Glaze we have noticed that when the clocks go back and when Halloween is on the horizon, the crime rate go from moderate, to very high. The main areas that we receive the most emergency glazing callouts are around Chigwell, Buckhurst Hill and Loughton. This area are known as the “Golden Triangle of Essex”. Being one of the most affluent areas in Essex brings its problems, and has seen a large raise in bulglaries and break-in’s. The main emergency glass repair callouts we receive is for double glazed breakage.

Window emergency callouts

If you fall victim and are in need of an emergency glass repair, you can be sure that Misty Glaze can secure your premises quickly and professionally at fair and affordable prices. We can also work alongside any home insurance companies for our emergency glazing repairs. All crime reference numbers issued by the police will be visible on each invoice.

If you require a emergency window replacement or a upgrade to the laminated specification, we can just replace the glass unit ONLY instead of having to change the frames. This is a very affordable solution and is a very popular, clean and hassle free.

We have noticed over the last couple of years a big increase in glass units being attacked‎, the common thing is on aluminium bi fold doors and patio doors, a screw driver is used to bend the profile, leaving metal on the edge of toughened safety glass causes both panes to break, laminated glass would prevent this, this is now starting to happen on many uPVC Windows and Doors.

Upgrading to Safety Glass

90% of the time, the Glass units are toughened safety glass. This is the glass specification that breaks safely, and leaves a big hole to walk in and out of a building without causing any serious injuries. Unfortunately, this is the method of entry to most Burglaries that we attend in Loughton, Chigwell and Buckhurst Hill.

Upgrade your previous glass units to a more secure design, (which would consist of 6.4 laminated on the internal & external panel) makes the glass very tough and durable. Just like a car windscreen, this glass breaks but holds together, making it a very difficult and a noisy point of entry for a intruder. On many emergency glazing callouts we have seen the attempts of a burglaries fail due to the lucky home owners having laminated glass.

Below is an real example on how the both glass specifications have broken:

Emergency Glazing - Misty Glaze

Actual real life Burglary in Loughton and a failed Burglary attempt in Chigwell, due to the laminated Glass.

With all of our emergency glazing callouts, we offer the option to upgrade to this safety glass. Please contact us for more information.

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There are lots of other options to keep your premises secure throughout this critical time of year leading up to Christmas, please see some of our tips below:

  • Never leave keys in back doors, this is a prime target that burglars prey on, it gives them the easy access in and out of the property by breaking the glass, most doors are made with toughened safety glass, and this means that it’s all safe for burglars, this glass breaks in lots of little bits, and a big opening will be left to walk in and out of.
  • Always keep a radio or lights on, especially if you know your going to be out all day and night.
  • Dogs are a great distraction, even a simple sign warning of a guard dog can scare a intruder.
  • CCTV, is very good, but if budgets are tight, some simple signs in windows warning that cctv is in operation can be very beneficial. Ebay is a great place to find these signs at very low prices.
  • Glass alarms, these can scare a burglar, a simple device that sticks on the inside of you double glazed window pane, when the glass is touched or attacked, a loud noise will occur, the sensitivity can be adjusted ‎to stop any unwanted distractions when at home.
  • Prikka strips , these are thin sharp plastic strips that can be installed on top of gates, fences, you can even bend them into arch shape for those arched doors and gates. This will stop any intruders from climbing ‎over gates and fences.
  • Purchase some window safety film, this will make the glass harder to break when toughened safety glass is present, this is the cheaper option, Laminated double Glazed units can be upgraded, this is a very good option to stop impact and and break ins.

Emergency glass repair are made simple at Misty Glaze, if you have any queries or require any expert advice, please contact us today.