How to remove moisture between window panes

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Below we look at some of the most popular questions asked when searching for moisture between window panes.

“My seals have failed, we have water and moisture between window panes in our kitchen. How can I fix this?”.

It is a common misconception to presume the seals have failed when your see moisture between window panes. The rubber gaskets sometimes shrink, and many determin that this is the cause of the moisture between window panes. More often, it has nothing to do with the rubber gaskets (or back wedge).

The double glazed sealed unit is the cause of the failure, the seal is hidden and cannot be seen. This is the hot melt sealant that is applied to make the glass unit and is what causes the moisture between window panes.

There are certain elements that can contribute to double glazed sealed unit failure. One being the weather, this can cause movement to your units potentially creating a small hole. This would allow air and moisture to enter the glass unit causing the misted window appearance. The desiccant that is filled into the spacer bars can only secure the failure for so long. Once saturated, the moisture or condensation between the double glazed sealed unit can no longer dry.

Remove Moisture Between Window Panes - Essex - Misty Glaze

Remove Moisture Between Window Panes - London - Misty Glaze

Most common questions

We take a look at the most common questions surrounding the moisture between window panes issue.

Can’t someone just come out and fix my existing window panes and dry them out?.

We believe the only way to rectify this problem and guarantee crystal clear glass results, is by replacing the affected failed double glazed sealed unit.

Can you replace the rubber gaskets that have shrunk to fix the window and take out the moisture?.

Much like the first question, the short or shrunken rubber gaskets have no impact on the fixing of the moisture between window panes.

Can I dry my double glazing out by using a hairdryer?.

No, unfortunately this will not work. In order to solve this problem, we recommend replacing the failed double glazed unit to prevent any further moisture between window panes .

Are you able to take out my old units and take them away to be re-gassed?

Once the glass unit has failed, the most cost-effective solution is to get a like for like replacement. Taking the old glass away to split down would not be cost effective, nor would it take away the stains that present themselves on the inner surface of the glass. Splitting down the old glass can be dangerous and can result in breakages or even injuries to the operative.

We recommend that if you notice moisture between window panes, to shop around for a like for like replacement pane. You will be surprised at how cost effective it is to restore your existing window and door frames.

If you are experiencing steamed up windows, we recommend you replace your panes while restoring your current frames.

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