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We Fix Misted Windows

Can you repair Misted Up Double Glazed Windows?

This is the main topic discussed when we take telephone calls at Misty Glaze HQ!

Replacing misted up double glazed units is a very simple and affordable solution in restoring your existing doors and window frames.

Misted Up Double Glazed Unit

Fixed Misted Window

Perhaps you have searched “misted up double glazing repairs near me” and you are fed up with search results returning companies that want to replace the whole frames. Well at Misty Glaze, we only replace the misted double glazed units and can guarantee that you have found the right company.

We Replace Misted Up Double Glazed Units

We simply fix the misted up window panes by replacing the glass units only and we happen to be very good at it! After 7 years carrying out multiple misted window replacements, our reputation throughout LondonEssexHertfordshire has grown to a level that makes us very proud to be providing this service.

William Camp the installation manager at Misty Glaze gave us his thoughts and experience that he deals with on a daily basis:

“Throughout the years we have noticed a large increase of customers that require just a simple misted window repair, they always say to me when I take the call or arrive at the clients house, how can this be done, I thought you had to replace the whole frame? After talking our clients through the Misted window replacement processes, they are always relieved that they have found a company that can restore there frames”.

Fixed Misted Window

We have just moved into our new commercial premises in High Ongar in Essex. With spacious offices and a large warehouse, we are looking forward to expanding into new areas. We hope next time you type into your internet search engine, “misted up double glazing repairs near me” you will find Misty Glaze.

If you’ve noticed water, steam or condensation between your window panes. Contact us today and remember, we fix misted windows!

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