Selling your home, do I have to replace the blown windows?

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Do I have to replace the blown windows?

Misty Glaze are now offering 20% discount on all blown double glazed unit replacements for clients that are moving home and have been told they need to replace there affected blown windows.

  • What are blown windows seals?
  • Can blown windows cause dampness?
  • Do I have to replace my blown sealed units if I am moving?

Blown Double Glazing - Essex - Misty Glaze

These are very popular questions we are asked every day at Misty Glaze.

Many homes across Essex, London and Hertfordshire are experiencing blown double glazing.

The biggest most popular questions we are asked are, we are moving home, and we have some blown sealed units, will these show up on the survey and stop and hold the sale from going through. This will depend on what the building surveyors from the mortgage company requested.

Now there are many changes in the landlord and letting laws surrounding the subject of damp, condensation problems, and windows and doors that are not fully sealed, we have noticed a bigger increase in blown sealed unit orders from clients that are moving, due to the home surveyor requesting that they are replaced, so the sale isn’t held up.

Blown double glazing repair is affordable

Blown double glazing replacements isn’t an expensive repair. The more blown window seals our clients have, the cheaper the prices become.

We can replace your blown sealed units quickly, minimising disruption.

Now Misty Glaze are offering discounted prices on blown window repairs and replacements for all clients in London, Essex and Hertfordshire that are moving home.

There may only be 1 x blown window that requires replacement, or they maybe 3 x units in the front of the home, and 2 x units in the back, however many window replacement glass units are required, Misty Glaze Can deal with any size project for our customers of Essex, London and Hertfordshire.

Blown Windows - Essex - Misty Glaze

If you can provide us with the surveyors paperwork stating the blown windows, we will offer a 20% discount on all of the blown double glazed unit replacements, and we will even pass that discount onto the next home our potential clients move into, just in case they ever experience blown sealed units in their future house, apartment or flat.

If you need us quickly, we can act fast in replacing your blown double glazing within 24 hours from measuring up, so there is no worries that your sale will be held up, or stopped from going through due to some window condensation.

Banish those blown windows for good, with our simple, affordable, hassle free glass replacement service.

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