Are you getting the correct glass?

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The correct glass specification when changing your double glazed sealed units

We have been attending a lot of call outs for glass replacements on public buildings and new build apartments blocks. It is very important that the correct safety glass is used in these critical locations.

With special glass laser tools, we can identify the glass and make sure that any replacements are up to date with the correct British Standards. The laser identifies the internal pane, air gap thickness and external pane. Indicating to us the standard of glass used i.e. laminated safety glass, toughened safety glass

Many broken panes have not been made to the correct safety regulations. We will always make sure that the double glazed sealed units will be up to date with the correct British Standards specification, that is compulsory in today’s health and safety practice.

Many people ask us to replace the units like for like and the cheapest option available. Unfortunately this is not the right method, where the safety of the general public is concerned.

“What about the rest of the glass in the building? They are standard glass and we haven’t got the budget to replace all of these”.

Misty Glaze duty of care

Our duty of care when instructed to carry out glass replacement. We will ensure the glass specification installed will be the correct glass for the particular building type and location. We will determine the purpose the building serves and the glass needed i.e. laminated safety glass, toughened safety glass. The correct BS numbers can be found on the spacer bar of the double glazed unit.

We advise building managers to take a look at all glass windows in critical locations on buildings, schools, colleges, libraries, airports etc.

Please look at our glass specifications for more info on the different types of glass (BS numbers) when checking that your glass is up to standards.

You can always give us a call at Misty Glaze for more further info or advice. If you have any concerns about the glass in your office, homes or public buildings, then a free consultation can be made.