We’re confident that our technique is by far the most successful and cost effective on the market. We compare other options to the Misty Glaze technique

Drill Hole into Double Glazing Window - Window Condensation Repair Kit - Misty Glaze

vs. Hole drilling technique

Review: Two small holes are drilled into the corner of the glass unit. Dry air is pumped into one hole and pumped back out via the second hole to remove moisture from between the panes.  This drilling technique is a temporary repair.  You are also restricted to standard glass, as toughened safety glass cannot be repaired using this technique.  On most cases the Hole drilling technique is unlikely to remove stains or white marks completely. Making it impossible to restore crystal clear vision.

Costing: The average cost of de-misting a glass unit costs between £50 and £70.  Do-it-yourself kits can be purchased online

vs. Brand new windows

Review: Replacing older windows with new double glazed units is the best solution to return a window to perfect clarity.  New window technology and advanced security features on brand new windows can improve both energy costs and increase security.  New windows allow you to change the style, colour, and material to suit your home and help increase your homes overall value.  The only downside to this solution is the costing.

Costing: The average cost of changing the window units on a 3 bedroom semi detached home (front & back) is £3,000 to £5,000.  For most, this is a costly and drastic procedure.  If you need to replace only one window in your home. You will find older model windows are very difficult to match. The replacement of a single window unit could look out of place on your home.

New Double Glazing Window Replacements - Double Glazing Replacement - Window Condensation Repair Kit - Misty Glaze

Misty Double Glazing Window - Window Condensation Removal - Misty Glaze

The Misty Glaze technique

Review: Misty Glaze’s technique is very affordable and if your time is valuable, we can restore a window within 5 minutes. Our glass replacement and repairs are very clean, with almost zero mess. Our repairs will never cause any of the problems you get when having to replace the frames. We can match any glass pattern, lead design or glass thickness. We can even upgrade your existing glass specifications with the latest thermally insulated glass technology and of course if safety glass is needed, this would be upgraded as compulsory.

Costing: The costs to restore your existing frames can range from £60 upward. by repairing them instead of completely new window replacement

We believe that so many window and door frames are perfectly acceptable and robust enough to have a very long life. The fact that a few minor issues, such as failed IGU (insulated glass unit) can occur, broken friction stay hinges and broken window locks. Are all affordable repairs to restore your existing frames.

This is why Misty Glaze are so passionate about the restoration of your existing double glazing. We really have saved the money of over 5 thousand clients to date.

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