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One of the most popular reason people call us is because of jammed windows locks. At Misty Glaze, we are experts in all things windows and specialise in broken window lock repairs.

The most popular window locks that Misty Glaze deal with are Saracen window locks. These locks come in many different types, but we are experts at identifying the locks that you have via a friendly telephone call.

Window Handle Replacement - London - Essex - Hertfordshire - Misty Glaze

We typically ask these five questions:

  1. Does the window open?
  2. Is the handle just spinning?
  3. Is the handle only turning so far?
  4. Is the window seized closed, but can push one end open?
  5. Is there any other windows within the property that you can open, to describe the lock to us, and maybe look for any names or model part numbers to help us identify more quickly?

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Often it is just the handle that needs replacing. We will do this at a minimum fee saving you money.

Common broken window locks and broken window handle problems

On average, most homes in the UK have a fully operational opening windows. The uPVC windows are becoming the more popular in the UK, mainly because of their energy efficiency and noise reduction capability. These types of windows can last for decades, but one of the major areas to degrade are the window locking mechanisms. Locks need regular minor maintenance before the issues develop into bigger problems that affect your home’s security and costs more to repair.

You can do the minor window lock repair yourself, but it is better to hire an expert like Misty Glaze, especially if you need a window lock replacement.

Here are some of the repair issues that require Misty Glazes excellent expertise:

Window lock replacement and repair

The daily operations might leave your window locks and handles loose or prone to breakage due to friction.The fact that window are a serious security feature makes it necessary for the window to function correctly.

Broken Window Lock Repair - London - Essex - Hertfordshire - Misty Glaze

Broken Window Lock Replacement - London - Essex - Hertfordshire - Misty Glaze

Window lock repair and uPVC window handle replacement are best carried out by an expert to avoid causing further problems to the locking mechanism. Any damage to the integrity of the locking mechanisms increases the security risk because thieves can easily break-in.

Window lock repair by model

Window locks can break accidentally or due to the wear and tear caused by regular use. It is essential to determine the correct lock type for an effective window lock replacement.

People are sometimes tempted to replace the entire window, which makes repairs costs higher. If you notice any problem with your window’s locks or handles, it is advisable to replace them as soon as possible to avoid future inconveniences and security issues.

Below are some of the common uPVC windows handles

Broken Window Handle Replacement - Espagnolette Handles - Misty Glaze

Espagnolette handles & inline + offset locking mechanisms

The handle is attached to a centre rod that operates mushroom-like locking cams. The lock’s spindle protrudes from the handle into the rod to activate the locking cams also known as locking mushrooms, this will then lock into window frame keeps.

In case of a broken handle, the opening mechanism won’t work, meaning you have to replace the lock or handle. Always ensure that you have measured the length of the spindles to ensure that you purchase a replacement with the right length. At Misty Glaze we can quickly identify the model over the phone to ensure you get the best service and an excellent price.

Broken Window Handle Replacement - Cockspur Handles - Misty Glaze

Cockspur handles

This handle type is common in uPVC casement windows and aluminium frames. The locking mechanism is pushing the nose of the handle across a wedge block. A common problem is difficulty in opening or closing the window. This problem is commonly an issue with the handle.

At Misty Glaze as window lock repair experts will have a closer look at the whole mechanism, including the gearbox to identify the source of the problem. Determining the exact cause of the problem helps in identifying which part to replace instead of replacing the whole window unit thereby saving you money.

Saracen window locks

Saracen is a common window lock system, but it comes in two versions, the 20mm and 22mm. The best way you can avoid confusing the two models is by checking the model number or by contacting Misty Glaze. A frequent problem with these lock type is the gearbox, as it uses bayonet style rods for locking and these can often seize up.

Lets look at these wonderful locks in more detail:

 Saracen Window Deadbolt Gearbox - Misty Glae

1. Saracen Window Deadbolt Gearbox, Clip fit.

This gear box is fitted by attaching the rods into the bayonet with the push and twist technique.

Saracen Window Rollerbolt Gearbox - Misty Glaze

2. Saracen Window Rollerbolt Gearbox.

This is fitted with the existing rods, that screw into the new gearbox.

Window Lock Repairs - Espagnolette Gearbox Cranked Face Plate - Misty Glaze

3. Saracen Window Deadbolt Espagnolette Gearbox Cranked face plate.

This is fitted with serrated rods also known as crocodile teeth fixings, they are carefully attached to the new gearbox.
If these serrated rods are damaged, Misty Glaze will supply and fit alternative to suit the frame.

Window Lock Repairs - Saracen Window Gearbox Snap Fix Rods - Misty Glaze

4. Saracen Window Gearbox Snap fix rods.

This centre gearbox will require the snap fix rods to be re attached for full operation.

There are many types of centre gearbox locking mechanisms:

  1. Kenrick Window Locks. This lock is popular within lots of older style window frame.
  2. Maco Window Locks. This lock has a few makes and models, popular ones are the MK1, MK2 and the MK3.
  3. Mila Lock. The Mila locks are found on older makes and models of manufactured uPVC frames.
  4. Roto Window Lock. Like the above Mila lock, these style are found on older style windows and often drive the shootbolt rods (without the centre deadbolt on the gearbox).

These come in both offset and inline with the offset being mainly in the older models.

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