Window Hinge Repair

If you are experiencing drafts, noise, and water coming through your double glazed windows. You are more than likely experiencing the effects of broken friction stay hinges.

  • Our hinge doctor can diagnose your drafty window problems over the phone or from a picture.
  • 99% of double glazed windows that feel drafty will more than likely require window hinge repair.

Why spend more money replacing perfectly good frames, when all that is required is a simple, clean, affordable, time saving window bracket replacement?

Our vans are always fully stocked with a wide range of friction stay hinges. Perfectly suitable to install on all makes and models of existing uPVC windows, aluminium windows and timber double glazed windows.

Our hinge doctors will never walk away from a job without fully completing the window repair work.

As we work with many letting agents, local authorities, tenants and home owners. We know how important it is to make your home draft free and air tight. Broken window brackets have never been such a simple affordable window restoration service.

We have all the correct equipment and sash mate tools to be able to carry out window hinge repairs in the most challenging of circumstances. If you are on the ground floor or the top floor of a tower block. Rest assured that the The Misty Glaze Hinge Doctor can safely carry out our duties without the need of costly scaffolding or mobile elevated platforms.

We go through a range of simple tests over the phone with our clients to see if the window seals are leaking air or not pulling in tightly. A simple credit card test can identify if the window hinges are broken.

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The Misty Glaze Hinge Doctor

The Misty Glaze Hinge Doctor was born from the growing demand for window hinge repairs. Particularly in London, Greater London, Essex and Hertfordshire. The most common problem with old or new a double glazed windows is drafts, air gaps and window seal faults. Costing hundreds of pounds extra per year on unnecessary heating bills.

We aim to be your one stop shop for all of your drafty window seal problems. We can restore and save you money with this very simple window hinge repair service.

Broken window hinges can cause many problems to health. Due to dampness and the cold air flow that is created when failed window hinges occur. With the friction stay hinge replacement service that we offer. There is no need to worry about costly complete window frame replacements. We can replace from 1 pair of hinges to several thousand.

No job is too small for the The Misty Glaze Hinge Doctor. We can even upgrade your existing uPVC window hinges to different load bearing specifications i.e. fire escape hinges.

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Our Mission

After extensive research and 25 years knowledge within the double glazing repair industry. We have noticed there isn’t a company that serves the country with a simple, affordable, time saving window hinge repair service. With over 30 million homes within the UK. Every household will have a pair of either top hung hinges or side hung hinges within there home.

The average household will have over 10 pairs of uPVC window hinges. All of these hinges have vulnerabilities to break. Due to wear and tear and a lack of maintenance throughout the years. The movement of the uPVC and aluminium hinges can cause the window hinges to fail and become faulty.

The broken window hinge market is responsible for many of the UK health problems. Cold air leaking through double glazed windows is never good for people that suffer from Asthma, colds, flu and chest problems.

The heat loss through just one pair of broken window hinges is costing the residents of the UK millions of pounds on energy bills. When just a simple hinge replacement is required. We aim to be the biggest broken window hinge replacement company in the United Kingdom within 5 years.

We hope to be serving a town and county near you soon. Keep a close look at our service locations.

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We are confident The Misty Glaze Hinge Doctor will be here to help in restoring your windows.