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What window hinges types do I have? Do I need a window hinge replacement?

Window Hinge Types - Window Hinge Replacement - Top Hung Hinge

Let’s start by explaining what a top hung hinge is… There are two window hinge types, a top hung hinge can easily be identified as the window either opens from the bottom (and allow the window to tilt outward) or from the top of the window. These hinges are completely different from the more common side hung hinges.

Top hung friction stay hinges come in a wider range of window hinge types, pending on the size of the opener.

  • 8″ inch top hung hinges and 10″ inch – very common on small fan light windows that have drafts and sealing problems
  • 12″ inch top hung hinges and 16″ inch – are common with the medium size broken window openings
  • 20″ inch top hung hinges and 24″ inch – are very common among the larger opening window frames

How to identify a broken top hinge

If you have a window handle at the bottom of the air leaking window frame, then the window hinges will be located at the opposite end to the handle. If the draft is seeping in through the top, then you have broken top hinges. The Misty Glaze window hinge replacement service can quickly correct this problem.

Heavy duty window hinge types

These also come in more heavy duty specifications to be able to take more weight. Especially now that some windows have been installed with acoustic laminated glass for more sound proofing solutions. Acoustic laminated glass specifications are heavier than standard glass. Heavy duty friction stay window hinges are robust enough to take the strain of the extra weight.

Using our handy Bank Card Test video, you can quickly and easily identify whether your window needs a hinge repair.

Our hinge repair service is the best way to guarantee protection from those cold winter nights.

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