Side Hung Window Hinge Products

How do I know what hinges I have? Does my broken window hinge need replacing?

Broken Window Hinge - Window Hinge Repair - Side Hung Hinge

Firstly, let us tell you how to identify the type of window hinge. If the handle for the window is on the left or the right side, this means that you have side hung window hinges.

The Misty Glaze window hinge repair service stock all types of hinges. Side hung window hinges usually come in two sizes and are very common in the uPVC and also aluminium profiles.

  • 12“ inch side hung friction stays – the most common of all side hung hinges
  • 16“ inch side hung friction stays – this will depend on the size and weight of the existing frame

How to identify broken window hinges

If your window requires force to open or close, then broken window hinge probably the issue. A common cause of this is the hinge dropping, bowing or even snapping. In some cases, a window is sometimes not manufactured or installed correctly.

Our quick and affordable hinge repair service can correct broken window hinges without any hassle. The Misty Glaze installation team can replace any broken window hinge within 30 minutes. Allowing you to fully open and close any problematic window hinge, restoring it to its former glory.

Window hinge repair for drafty windows

Using our handy Bank Card Test video, you can quickly and easily identify whether your window needs a hinge repair.

If you’re able to easily slide a card in the window seal, then you could have a broken window hinge. Alternatively, if you are able to locate a draft or breeze from this window, then a simple hinge repair can rectify this problem.

Our hinge repair service is the best way to guarantee protection from those cold winter nights.

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