Fire Escape Window Hinges

The standard friction stay hinges can also be upgraded to the fire escape hinges with the easy clean option. Restricted hinges or window restrictors are popular in nursing homes, hospitals and high rise buildings, where vulnerability is present and safety is paramount. Fire escape window hinges open enough to allow the emergency services to gain access.

Misty Glaze strongly recommends fire escape hinges. Here is why…

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The right hinge for you

The Misty Glaze Hinge Doctor operatives have fully stocked vans with both sets of 12″ inch side hung hinges in 13mm stack and 12″ inch side hung hinges in 17mm stack. We also have 3mm conversion packers as back up. If we ever had to convert the 13mm stack height hinges to the 17mm stack.

The same applies to the 16″ inch side hung window hinges. These are available in either 13mm or 17mm stack. Our vans always have 16″ inch side hung hinges in both 13mm stack height and 17mm stack height.

Fully stocked and ready to be installed into uPVC windows, aluminium frames and timber casements.

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