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Does your business operate in the retail sector?

Do you want to ensure that your premises give off an excellent impression as well as the service / products you offer?

Misty Glaze – offering shop window repairs and shop front glass replacement services across the retail industry.

Misty Glaze and our amazing team of glaziers have been servicing the retail shop window repairs market since the company was first formed. The company and their exceptional team have been called in to carry out many shop front glass repair services as well as large glass replacements for businesses operating across Essex, London, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.

Our specialist glaziers are fully trained, friendly and highly experienced and deliver a superior service at all times whereby they carry out shop window repairs, shop front glass replacement and repairs as well as many other services for the likes of clothing shops, shoe shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs and many other retail clients.

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The shop front glass means that your business is protected!

We understand the importance of securing your retail premises. From a broken, unsafe double glazed unit, through to cracked windows – we are fully aware of the complications that this may cause on the opening of your retail business.

Here at Misty Glaze we can match any glass specification. We can identify exactly what is required for the current laws within glass and glazing in retail windows and doors and offer shop window repairs and shop front glass replacement services to ensure you and your business abide by these laws.

Retail double glazed units and shop front glass replacements are usually very large and heavy duty glass specifications. This requires specialist lifting equipment which Misty Glaze possess to carry out the glazing repair – safely, smoothly and efficiently with as little disruption to you and you business as possible.

Shop Front Glass Replacement - Essex - Misty Glaze

Misty Glaze can offer a full lifting plan, and will work closely with each and every retail client and their building manuals to ensure that we get the exact glass specifications, colours and tints that maybe present.

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Across the retail sector, our team is well equipped to make large window and shop front glass replacement a simple task, due to our experience, knowledge and preparations across this industry sector.

Shop Window Repairs - London - Misty Glaze

Shop Front Glass Replacement - London - Misty Glaze

Retail glazing refurbishment made simple and affordable

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