Chelmsford, Essex

Type of Work

Window hinge repair

Condensation window replacement

Double glazed glass replacement


Misty Glaze have noticed a larger increase in double glazing repair jobs in the Chelmsford area since we opened our branch just a few miles down the A414 in High Ongar, Essex.

This specific job lead took us to a property in Chelmsford, the English city just northeast of London.

Our client required our trusted double glazing repair services and after a quick google search for “double glazing repair Chelmsford”, they managed to find Misty Glaze.

This job was to replace some blown window panes, and some broken window hinges. The blown window panels had water and condensation in between the glass. Our client was fed up with looking out of an obstructed view to their well-manicured Chelmsford garden.

The broken window hinges were creating heat loss and drafts; this is not ideal when the energy costs have been increasing, a simple window hinge repair can save a lot of money on energy bills!

After our client had done their research on Misty Glaze, they were very comfortable going forward with the estimate. We have a first class service and trusted reputation throughout Chelmsford for our double glazing repair services.

A site visit to inspect the broken windows was promptly arranged, upon inspection we discovered that we could fix these existing frames without the need for costly replacements.

The new glass panel replacements were delivered by our manufacturers within 7 working days and the replacement window hinges are fully stocked at our headquarters in Ongar. All ready for the team to carry out and complete job. Our installation team took care of the double glazing repair, returning them to normal working order.

No more misted windows and no more drafts!

We can save you money with our double glazing repair service!

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Double Glazed Repair - Chelmsford - Essex - Misty Glaze

Double Glazed Repair - Chelmsford - Misty Glaze

Glass Replacement Service - Chelmsford - Misty Glaze

Glass Replacement Service - Chelmsford - Essex - Misty Glaze