Theydon Bois, Essex

Type of Work

Misted windows

The Challenge

Misty Glaze, renowned for its expert Misted Double-Glazing Repairs, recently encountered an intriguing challenge from Mike and Elizabeth, long-standing clients residing in Theydon Bois. Familiar with our specialised services, they approached us with a unique request this time – an inquiry about upgrading to Triple Glazed Window Replacements.

During a detailed consultation, Mike expressed concerns about their existing double-glazed windows. Issues like surface condensation and external noise from the bustling B172 Abridge Road were disturbing their peace. Mike’s question was straightforward yet significant: “Can we replace our old, double-glazed panes with new triple-glazed ones without changing the frames, and will it effectively address these issues?”

Our Approach

At Misty Glaze, we believe in complete honesty with our clients. Our response, delivered by Mark, was candid. We had experience replacing triple-glazed units but hadn’t upgraded double-glazed panes to triple-glazed in older frames. We emphasised the importance of setting realistic expectations regarding noise reduction and condensation solutions.

Undeterred, Mike decided to proceed, valuing our honesty and willing to explore the potential benefits of triple glazing. Our team conducted a thorough site survey, noting that the existing panes had a 28mm thickness. We then custom-ordered A-rated Triple Glazed Glass Units matching this specification, ensuring a seamless upgrade from double to triple glazing.


The installation, completed efficiently by our skilled team, brought noticeable improvements. Mike and Elizabeth observed a significant noise reduction and reduced condensation. Their feedback highlighted Misty Glaze’s precision, reliability, and effectiveness in enhancing their home’s comfort.

In their heartfelt letter, Mike and Elizabeth lauded the impact of the triple glazing upgrade. They emphasised the noise reduction and anticipated energy savings. Their experience serves as a testament to Misty Glaze’s commitment to delivering custom, high-quality window solutions.