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Commercial window repair

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Window lock repair


On our first site visit to the Redbridge Campus in Chadwell Heath was an inspection of a broken window. Chadwell Heath is part of the Redbridge district, which is easily accessible for the window repair team from our Buckhurst Hill headquarters.

Misty Glaze inspected the broken window, finding two main problems that were causing issue within the window frame.

  1. The broken window was showing signs of heat loss and drafts. This was due to the worn out top hung friction stay hinges. The friction stay hinge were broken on one side, causing the window to drop and create an air gap of 5mm. that was really letting in a big draft,
  2. The window locking mechanism was broken. This had failed on one of the mushroom locking points, causing the window to lock half way into place.

Air gaps and drafts on commercial buildings will increase running costs, especially now the energy bills are extremely costly!

Once the inspection was complete, it was time to order the parts. The following parts were needed for this commercial window repair project:

  • 1 pair of 24-inch top hung friction stay hinges
  • 1 800mm window locking mechanism + white handle

Misty Glaze sent a risk assesement and method statement to Redbridge Campus College, which is a standard proceedure for carrying out commercial window repairs. We wanted to ensure all commercial windows repairs could be carried out efficiently and safely, by arriving on site when the classroom was not in use.

The completed window repairs took around 45 minutes to finish, another happy customer!

We are trusted by schools and colleges to take care of your commercial double glazing repairs.

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New City College Redbridge Campus - Commercial Window Repair - Chadwell Heath - Misty Glaze

New City College Redbridge Campus - Broken Window Lock - Chadwell Heath - Misty Glaze

New City College Redbridge Campus - Broken Window Hinge - Chadwell Heath - Misty Glaze