Type of Work

Misted windows

Window repair


Job Requirements:

  • 10 double glazed sealed units, A-rated windows
  • 4 pairs of top hung friction stay hinges
  • 30+ year old windows frames to be restored
  • Project completion time
  • 1 hour survey
  • 8 hours installation

One our recent projects was a glass replacement project for London Symphony Orchestra Warehouse. It was a true honour to be asked to price this job.

Misty Glaze received an email from Nathan to arrange a meeting to measure misty double glazed units in the company’s warehouse.

Nathan was very specific in what he wanted us to achieve for London Symphony Orchestra London. The windows were very drafty, with heat escaping through the glass and broken hinges. 4 double glazed units out of the 10 units had failed becoming misty. Nathan requested that we replaced all 10 units with a upgraded A-rated glass specification.

Once the quotation was agreed upon, Nathan decided on using 4mm low iron toughened safety glass on the external pane. Separated by a black Thermix warm edge spacer bar, Argon gas filled and a 4mm Planitherm Total+ Low-E heat insulated glass by Saint Gobain on the internal pane. This glass specification is used on A-rated windows and doors throughout England.

4 pairs of 24″ inch top hung friction stay hinges and Cockspur handle wedges were also replaced. This really did help keeping the 30+ year old windows air tight. Our installation team completed the job with minimal disruption.

The windows were aluminium profile on a commercial property. To be able to restore the aged windows with a clean, affordable glass replacement solution. Upgrading them to a more energy efficient glass. Shows there is no need to replace the frames and makes us very proud at Misty Glaze that we can achieve this level of results.

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