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The Misty Glaze Hinge Doctor was proud to be called in to help London City Airport with the repair of broken window hinges.

The broken friction stay hinges were on an existing aluminum frame in the Private Jet Center. The existing Window hinges were twisted and the rivets had broken. Causing the window to be dangerously positioned, which could have detached and fell from the building at any time.

We sent our online work permit information to enable permission for these works to be granted. We have full passes to allow us to carry out works on any part of the building within London City Airport.

Once the paperwork was finished and clearance given. Our talented Hinge Doctors were on site planing the best way to carry out the replacement of the broken window hinges. Without causing disruption to the airport clients and the airport staff. The all clear was given to close access to the door beneath the window and a temporary safety barrier was put in place.

These safety procedures are vital when carrying out over head works with heavy double glazed windows.

The Sashmate tooling equipment was attached to the side hung sash. Sashmate tools can be used on uPVC, aluminium and wooden windows and are approved by health and safety standards. The Sashmate holds the window safely in place when the existing fixings are removed. Preventing the window falling out of the building.

There was certainly no room for error on this job. Especially when there is safety at stake and very expensive aircraft below the broken window!

The window was moved inside the building to carry out the replacement of the side hung friction stay hinges. Once the new hinges were fitted to the window frame. The window sash was moved onto the Sashmate safety device and refitted back into the window frame.

The Misty Glaze Hinge Doctor can carry out repairs on any type of window and in any scenario. The following day we were replacing window hinges within a domestic household environment.

No job is too big or too small or too complex for us to carry out.

Broken window hinge repairs made possible with The Misty Glaze Hinge Doctor

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London City Airport - Broken Window Hinges

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London City Airport - Broken Window Hinge Repair