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Replacement of double glazed units was carried out at Hackney College Campus in Shoreditch, East London. This very busy and well occupied campus called upon our glass replacement services.

Over 23 double glazed units had failed. Causing the building to become less energy efficient and staff and students unable to look out of the windows. Due to cloudy and stained streaks on the inside surface of the glass.

This is our specialty at Misty Glaze and we were very happy to assist the East London college with our large glass unit replacements.

The college required 15 sealed units on the older part of the building. Consisting of clear standard toughened safety glass with a Georgian Bar between the panes. The work was carried out safely from the inside of the building during the half term break. This gave our glaziers on site the chance to operate more safely when carrying out the glass unit replacements.

The remaining double glazed glass units required a more complex method of install. The window system was curtain walling and the glass units needed to be replaced from the outside of the building. 8 double glazed sealed units finished in clear safety glass. They were between floors 2 and 3 of the building and a cherry picker mobile elevated platform was required to carry out the replacement window panes at height in a safely manner.

We had a full health and safety plan approved by the college and a suitable date was booked for the installation. This was arranged for half term to ensure replacement of the glass window panes were carried out safely.

Six of our glazing operatives on site for the day. Carried out the glazing replacements very safely and efficiently, causing minimal disruption or downtime for this very busy East London college campus.

Our first class service and experience within the schools and college sectors is second to none. Our experienced team of glaziers have a wealth of knowledge of dealing with complex large glazing replacement projects in critical areas.

We consider ourselves one of the glazing industries first class double glazed sealed unit replacement businesses within London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

We offer a fast responsive service, if you have an unsafe double glazed window unit. We will act fast to secure your building. Making the area secure for school children and students to carry on with their studies in a safe environment.

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Hackney College Campus - Replacement Double Glazed Units - Misty Glaze

Hackney College Campus - Double Glazed Unit Replacement - Misty Glaze