Buckhurst Hill, Essex

Type of Work

Misted windows

Window repair


The latest Misty Glaze project for the replacement of steamed up double glazed units.

Our client made contact with us through our free quotation form. Informing us of the cloudy pane problems they were experiencing in the semi-detached Buckhurst Hill property.

A meeting and survey was arranged 24 hours after the first email. Our client was clear what they expected from Misty Glaze. They wanted to restore their existing window frames that were older style lead design windows and replace with a modern glass. They had done their research on the window specifications and requested us to estimate for A-rated glass units, for maximum energy efficiency.

These kind of job requests are always rewarding for us at Misty Glaze. Especially when we can offer a service where our clients don’t have to replace their frames to achieve energy performance windows.

Day 1 Measuring the double glazed units, 38 in total. (Many of which had cloudy glass between the panes of the older leaded style window patterns)

Day 2 The A-rated double glazed units were now ready for production in the manufacturing factory.

Day 3 Delivery of the new double glazed units.

Day 4 Full inspection of the glass units and installation was scheduled with the client

We managed to fit all 38 double glazed units within 4 hours. Replacing 15 old style white handles with our satin chrome heavy duty inline locking handles. This really made a big difference and complemented the new A-rated glass units in a big way.

We saved our Buckhurst Hill client over £15,000 by:

  • Replacing just the glass only and some of the handles
  • Frames completely restored
  • Hassle free
  • All within 1 week
  • Only 4 hours taken from our clients busy schedules

This service is becoming very popular within Buckhurst Hill, Loughton and Chigwell.

If you’re fed up with your out dated looking leaded windows and before you decide to replace all of the frames. Remember at Misty Glaze, we are a fantastic cost effective alternative as we replace the glass units only, and even upgrade the glass specifications at very low costs.

Glass specifications consisted of Low-Iron Glass on the external pane, separated by a Thermix white warm edge technology spacer bar, Argon gas filled, and a low Planitherm energy efficiency glass on the internal pane.

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Steamed Up Double Glazing - Buckhurst Hill - Misty Glaze

Steamed Up Double Glazing - Buckhurst Hill - Misty Glaze

Buckhurst Hill - Condensation On Glass Window - Misty Glaze