Stansted Airport, Hertfordshire

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Soundproof Commercial window contractors


One of our most recent projects at Misty Glaze was a Client that lives 1 mile from Stansted Airport, after our site survey the client was very specific on the results he wanted to achieve from us

The existing windows were upvc and around 15 to 20 years old, external Glazed with a clip in bead system and a back wedge gasket on the inside

We discussed the noise issues from the Aircraft and the heat loss from the standard existing glass at present which consisted of 4mm clear float glass on the internal and external panes, separated by a 20mm Aluminium spacer bar

After seeing Instruments on the window cills to measure Heat loss and Noise activity, we know this was going to be a challenging job and expectation to fulfil to make this customer happy!!

The client wanted the best Glass specification we could get, with the clearest of soft coat LOW E Glass, Low E Glass acts as a thermal property that faces the interior of the window, there are many manufacturers and different ones available and are very noticeable in direct sunlight often described as a blue tint and very hazy!

He decided on having 6.8mm Stadip silence Acoustic Laminated Glass for the external pane, separated by a 18mm Black Warm Edge Spacer Bar, Followed by a 4mm Planitherm Total + Low E Glass for the internal pane, Filled with a Argon Gas, This level of Glass specification would drain the Aircraft noise and also Thermally insulate the interior of each room that had windows in, by choosing the Planitherm Total + Glass we was confident that this is by far the most clearest and discrete of Low e Glass available without having any Blue tints or haziness in the direct sunlight

After taking delivery of all 34 Double Glazed Sealed Units, our Installation team fitted all of the units within the Day

Our Client was amazed with the results and couldn’t believe the difference in just changing the Glass specification could achieve, Three well respected Double Glazing companies said that he would need to change the Frames and everything to get the results he wanted and at £20,000 for the full house to be done, luckily he called Misty Glaze and saved Thousands of Pounds

After our Installation we discovered that our client was a Pilot for a well known Commercial Airline, he said jokingly that all the noise he makes when flying over his house as now gone thanks to our services!!!!

This is some of the kind words left by our customer in a email

“Thanks you very much for doing this job for us, The experience has been nothing short of outstanding, good communication throughout, competitive price, high quality product delivered on time and as quoted, swift and professional installation without any troubles at all, Kudos to the hard working installation team, I have already seen great results from the instruments on the window cills, and can actually feel the results, Thanks again”

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“Why change the frames when you can replace the panes”

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