Loughton, Essex

Type of Work

Misted windows

Window repair


This project took place at a 5 bedroom detached property in Loughton Essex.

There were aluminium windows throughout the house that were over 30 years in age, all finished with a square lead pattern. Our client wanted to make a change to the property’s rear windows. Replacing the square leads with clear glass, allowing them to enjoy the Epping Forest views.

Upgrade to A-rated specification

68 double glazed sealed units needing replacing. Our client asked about the A-rated specifications available.

When you change from standard glass to Low-E and soft coat products, certain manufactured glass comes with a very noticeable BLUE HAZY TINT when the sun shines on the glass.

We always like our clients to see what they are ordering when going down the A-rated glass route. We recommend the Planitherm Total+ glass by Saint Gobain, as this is the clearest glass available in today’s market.

Our client decided on the Planitherm Total+ for the internal pane. Followed by a clear glass on the external pane. With 12mm black Thermix warm edge spacer bar filled with Argon gas. This will help to achieve thermal insulation throughout the windows. The windows at the front of the property had 9mm silver square oval leads, which were matched up to correspond with the existing ones.

After 3 days of hard work from our installation team, we managed to get great results and successfully restore the 30 year old window frames. Replacing all of the back Wedge Rubber Gaskets on the inside of the windows to make the new glass specification perform to its maximum capabilities. Our client saved over £40,000 by not having completely new aluminium windows. Our client was left overwhelmed with the transformation on the windows.

We advise that you inspect the Low-E and Soft Coat Glass on offer and check the glass in the sun light to ensure you are aware of the blue hazy tints. Customers often ask if the blue hazy tint is normal on these glass units. It is in fact a normal feature of this type of glass.

Kind words left by our client below:

“Can I just say thank you again for all your help, we are thrilled with the windows, they have made such a difference, it was a pleasure to have someone as professional as you and Misty Glaze to deal with, and would recommend your services without any hesitation. Kind regards. Tracy”

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