About Misty Glaze – Replacing your cloudy double glazing

Misty Glaze was founded to attract the glazing repair market. Based in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, we focus on replacing cloudy double glazing, blown windows, steamy windows,cloudy glass, window moisture and double glazing condensation.

We believe that so many perfectly good UPVC windows are being changed just because the failure of the glass units and no one is given the option or right advice to save money with this simple repair method which can enable your existing windows to last a life time. We pride ourselves on what we do and only offer the service to restore your windows so we can guarantee that no sales person will be advising you to install new windows all together when all that is needed is simple UPVC window repairs.

We can change from one sealed unit to thousands, no job is too big or small for Misty Glaze to undertake and you will find our highly experienced team will advise and help all our valued customers throughout the order process and installation, double glazing condensation is often noticed when the window cleaner has been to clean the double glazing, lots of our clients believe that the window condensation problems, is caused by air circulation, but all double glazed sealed units will eventually break down and will require a foggy window repair.


We have state of the art equipment fully designed to enable us to measure the exact thickness of the Double Glazed Glass, the glass type and sizes to ensure that the units replaced are accurate to match the existing units being replaced. We also have a fully qualified sealed unit manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in the design of all lead lights, Georgian bar lay outs and all coloured lead designs who is now also a valued member of our survey team to insure that we match any glass unit to the original if only one unit needs to be changed. 

Our specialised team can explain in detail as to why and how glass units fail, from our Essex based office staff to our surveyors and engineers, we are all fully trained and have experience in all aspects of failed glass, window moisture or double glazing condensation.

We can also upgrade your existing sealed units to higher specification energy efficient systems. Our fully trained installation team will also identify the reason behind the failure of your sealed units by doing a drainage check and either unblock the existing drainage holes or make new ones if they are missing due to poor manufacturing. This is done before we install any glass units to avoid possible quick failure in the future.

Misty glaze do not offer any other services or repairs except for replacing steamed failed sealed units or window condensation problems, so you can be assured that the level of professionalism and care you will receive will be a pleasant easy stress free experience. Please see our customers reviews of the experience they have received by misty glaze and how we have saved them thousands of pounds by replacing the sealed units as opposed to selling them entire new windows which is what you get from most salesman that work for double glazing window company's. 

Our friendly team operate in the Buckhurst Hill, Chigwell, Ilford and Loughton areas. As well as covering most of London, Essex, and Herts.


Misty Glaze found that it was becoming too familiar with customers being advised by double glazing salesman to invest in new windows altogether just because a few glass units had failed, when all that is needed is a simple UPVC window repair.

Aluminium and UPVC windows should last a lifetime so call us today and save your hard earned money by replacing your sealed units at a fraction of the cost of brand new windows and doors with the option of replacing one pane of glass at a time throughout the lifetime of your perfectly acceptable existing windows.


Misty Glaze will guarantee to save you thousands of pounds on just replacing your double glazed sealed units


The process is less disruptive than replacing windows with quick and simple glass replacement with the minimal disruption.


Our process produces ZERO waste to landfill and significantly reduces carbon emissions through extending the life of existing double glazed windows.