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When investing in new windows the main considerations will be efficiency and cost. One of the most important questions a homeowner can ask is how long will double glazing last? Many assume (or are convinced by others) that newly installed double glazing will last forever but, like most of the components that make a well-functioning home, it does have a lifespan.

So, How long does double glazing last?

Generally you can expect modern double glazed windows to last between 20-30 years, if installed correctly and treated with the proper care and consideration. The location of your home, your windows and weather conditions will also play a part.

General wear and tear (and in some cases ineffective installation) will have necessitated replacement and it may well be the case that yours have also outlived their usefulness. There’s no need to panic however as there are a number of options that don’t require full window frame replacement.

The history of double glazing

As you might imagine, double glazing materials and installing techniques have come a long, long way in 50 years. All of these have helped to make double glazing last and today’s windows are greatly improved compared to those from the 1970s.

Despite that, unfavourable treatment by the elements and lack of maintenance are going to have some impact on even the highest quality panes and frames.

Double glazed windows were first installed in UK homes around 50 years ago, although you’ll find barely any of those examples around now. So it’s right to ask how long will double glazing last.

How Long Does Double Glazing Last - Signs Of Window Failure - Greater London - Misty Glaze

Signs your double glazing needs replacing

There are 4 major signs that your windows may need replacing.  These are:

1. Cracks or chips in the glass

The most common cause of cracks and chip are either from temperature stress (this is due to exterior and interior temperatures being opposite extremes. Or from an impact such as a stone or ball. Cracks or chips can be easy to spot and most of the time cheap and easy to fix.

2. Water leaking through the frame

This could be due to warn weatherstripping that has diminished over time. You may see the problem intensify during raining weather. Poorly installed window frames can also result in water leaking into your home.

How Long Does Double Glazing Last - Old Window Replacement - Greater London - Misty Glaze

How Long Does Double Glazing Last - Old Window Repair - Greater London - Misty Glaze

3. Draughts are flowing through the frames

The main causes of draughts are due to damage hinges, broken handles or cheap window units. These problems can be easily solved and are cost effective as you do not need to replace the entire unit.

4. You find condensation between the panes

Condensation is usually down to either a fault within the frame or the units being fitted incorrectly. Faulty gasket between the window frames allow the argon gas to leak out, this then leads to air and moisture slowly entering between the window panes

If your home struggles to retain its heat, you have been noticing condensation, cold spots and draughts in certain rooms, or you are understandably concerned about rising bills, it is probably time to consider replacing your windows.

How Long Does Double Glazing Last - Double Glazing Last - Greater London - Misty Glaze

How Long Does Double Glazing Last - Double Glazing Lifespan - Greater London - Misty Glaze

With the seemingly endless bad news stories regarding the cost of living and the price of energy, you’ll want to ensure you are saving as much money as possible – and that you’re not letting those precious pound coins fly out of the window.

The good news is – if you are experiencing problems with your windows that you think might be causing you any of the above problems, you might not have to replace all of your windows, or even remove or replace your existing frames. There are easy ways to make your double glazing last.