Whether the windows on your home are old or new, there will come a time when you’ll need to consider if your double glazing needs replacing.

Modern windows should last for around 20+ years. However, a number of factors such as the frame quality, weather conditions within your area or how well they were initially installed, will all play a part in the longevity of your windows.

If you’re beginning to wonder whether your double glazing needs replacing there is a simple set of questions you can ask yourself (and some simple tests and checks you can perform yourself).

How to determine whether your double glazing needs replacing

Double Glazing Needs Replacement - Essex - London - Misty Glaze

1. Is there draughts around your windows?

Unusual cold spots in your home are often an obvious sign that your double glazing needs replacing. Cold air could be coming through damaged seals, panes or frames and this could be affecting your enjoyment indoors as well as the energy efficiency of your home and your heating bill.

You can check the source of any window draughts by running your hand around the edge of the pane where it meets the frame, or by using a lit candle or incense stick to notice the unusual movement of any smoke.

Double Glazing Window Needs Repair Essex - Essex - London - Misty Glaze

2. Are there chips or cracks in the glass panes?

Chips or cracks in your window glass are usually fairly easy to spot. These can be covered with specific types of window film from DIY stores, but that is only a short-term fix that will usually last a year.

While it’s a cheaper way of doing things and will get you through a cold few months, a longer-term is advisable. Either way, there’s no avoiding that chips or cracks in the glass will mean that your double glazing needs replacing and/or repairing.

Double Glazing Window Needs Replacement - Essex - London - Misty Glaze

3. Are you windows hard to see through?

Condensation on the inside of windows is an annoyance, an eyesore and can lead to larger problems in your home if left unchecked. When it forms inside the glazing, or your windows are misted up, it’s a sign that the window is leaking and no longer sealed.

In this case too, your double glazing needs replacing and/or repairing and now would be a good time to decide on a course of action and seek out some quotes.

Double Glazing Needs Repair - Essex - London - Misty Glaze

4. Do your windows let water in?

If your windows are letting in water or if you have have visible water streaks between the panes of glass, then the insulated glass unit has failed.

This is usually a problem with water retention within the frame or improper drainage around the window. Direct sunlight can causing the panes to expand, contract and eventually weaken. This then allows the water retention to penetrate between the panes. It is likely that your double glazing needs replacing.

When your double glazing needs replacing it should be fairly obvious from the signs above. Draughts, chips, cracks, condensation, leaks and problems with operation are difficult to ignore and will be especially noticeable if your windows are approaching the end of their 20-year lifespan.

More energy efficient windows will greatly improve the look and feel of your home, save you money and address other issues such as ventilation and dampness.