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Misty Glaze was called to a large detached house in Broxbourne on the outskirts of Hertfordshire.

Our client was unhappy with their current windows. They were uPVC frames with older style square leaded panes, blocking out most of the natural sunlight that transmits through the windows of this stunning Broxbourne property.

We performed a site survey and it became clear that our client wanted to keep his existing frames, only changing the window panes. This was something that Misty Glaze could certainly help with, especially with our expertise within this field!

After a discussion, it was clear that our client wanted the most up to date and most energy efficient double glazed window panes. Misty Glaze arranged for some samples to show the level of glass that was going to be used on this property.

The A-rated double glazed window panes consisted of Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass on the external pane, separated by a black warm edge Thermix spacer bar, Argon gas and Planitherm Total+ Low-E Glass by Saint Gobain. This is a very popular A-rated glass specification with fantastic energy efficiency results!

After carrying out our final site survey and taking the correct measurements. Misty Glaze placed an order with our manufacturers for the 61 A-rated double glazed units. Within 10 days the order had been delivered to Misty Glaze HQ and we were ready to arrange a suitable install date. A convenient install date was arranged with our client and our talented team of glaziers arrived on site to carry out the energy efficient glazing project. After 7 hours of removing the old and fitting the new energy efficient window panes, the job was completed!

The light transmission through the new double glazing units was spectacular. The double glazed units have completely transformed this house. All this was achieved by restoring the existing frames and replacing only the window panes. We saved our client £20,000 from having to replace all of the window frames!

This home is now energy efficient and ultra-modern, all by replacing the window panes! We even fitted the most up to date White Satin Privacy Glass in the bathrooms. This complemented the new bathroom tiles and made this space look brand new.

A few words from Steve:

“Just thought I would let you know that we are really pleased with the new windows. Your fitters are really nice guys, and they did a great job. Many thanks for all your help. I will happily recommend you and your firm to friends and relatives. In fact, I am just about to pass you details onto some good friends”

We love to get this feedback at Misty Glaze and strive to achieve this daily!

The next time you are thinking about the huge expense of replacing all of your window frames to achieve energy efficient windows, please re-consider! Misty Glaze can keep your energy bills down and the heat insulated wihin your home, by replacing the double glazed panes to the A-rated specification.

With rising energy bills, this is certainly going to help save money for the future!

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