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Misty Glaze were called in to repair commercial tilt and turn windows in this Epping Forest District College.

We managed to arrange a site survey to inspect the broken tilt and turn windows and discovered that some of the parts were obsolete.

Most commercial buildings have tilt and turn windows installed, due to the high level of safety and quality the frames provide. There are two ways of opening a tilt and turn commercial window and these particular windows had the tilt before turn option.

When you lift the handle up, the windows will tilt towards you, this allows ventilation and airflow and gives enough of an opening to help cool a room, which is necessary within a commercial property.

These specific tilt and turn window handles have a safety button on them, once pushed the windows will only operate in the tilt mode, until a key for the handle is used to be able to operate in the tilt and turn mode.

The turn mode is specifically used for cleaning purposes and escape during a fire, due to the high level of the windows, schools and colleges often keep the windows locked from the turn mode due to the high level of risk from falling from height. In the turn mode, the window opens fully inside the building, just like a door would. This leaves a big gap where both sides of the glass panels can be safely cleaned and opens wide enough for the fire brigade to be able to enter the building with their equipment.

When broken parts of a tilt and turn window present themselves, the whole window will stop working until the part is identified, replaced or fixed.

There were a number of different broken parts on these commercial tilt and turn windows, ranging from top corner drives, bottom corner drives, broken cams in the Alu 500 Handles and centre gearboxes.

The Misty Glaze specialist tilt and turn repair team attended for a full 5 days to repair the faulty window gearing system. We were able to restore the tilt and turn windows back to full working order.

Why not call us next time you are having issues with your tilt and turn windows within your commercial building.

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