Insulating Glass Service

Misty Glaze offer full window replacement glass for your existing windows and doors, without having to change the frames, over 20% of heat loss escapes through your Windows and Doors on many double glazing glass.

You can now have the chance to save money on your energy bills by upgrading to our Insulating Glass. Insulated Windows can be achieved with minimal disruption, changing the double glazed units is a quick, clean and affordable process.

Window replacement glass is very simple, our glass will be made to the highest of standards that are used today to achieve A to C rated windows and doors throughout the country. You will not need to change your existing frames or worry about resealing your double glazing to achieve Energy Efficiency Windows.

The glass will consist of a soft coat low emissive for the inner pane, plus a warm edge spacer bar that separates the two panes, and clear glass for the external pane, in between the glass will be filled with a Argon Gas, for maximum thermal insulation, you can try one window at a time to see if the results work in you home. Call us today for friendly service and advise and see the benefits of changing your glass can bring to avoid double glazing condensation

Warm edge spacer bar conducts less heat or cold than traditional windows and standard constructed double glazed units, standard units are constructed with a aluminium spacer bar that holds the 2 panes of glass apart, however aluminium is highly conductive and also has an exceptionally high thermal energy loss.

Comparatively, double glazed windows fitted with a warm edge spacer bar have a warmer internal edge temperature by up to 65% which helps improve the thermal efficiency of the window and reduce the risk of condensation.

Warm also significantly lowers the temperature differential between center and edge of unit, and up to 94% reduced heat loss at the external edge of your window, while making a real contribution to the environment, this heat loss saving can help to reduce the heat consumption of a home which lowers carbon emissions and saves money on energy bills, warm edge technology can also help to reduce condensation on your sealed units by up to 70%. This reduction in moisture virtually eliminates the chance of mold growth and potentially harmful bacteria. This is an essential consideration for the increasing number of people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as Asthma.

Argon Gas is used to fill the air gap between the double glazed unit, the benefit of the argon is that it is less thermally conductive than air, so can retain more heat within the property, argon is a perfect gas to use in double glazing as it is non toxic, colourless, odourless and chemically inert. Glass Repair made simple and affordable at Misty Glaze.

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