Glass Specifications Service

Lots of our clients ask us, can blown windows cause damp, do we offer window moisture repair, or do we repair double glazing seals, and is our existing glass causing condensation problems?

Misty Glaze offer a wide range of Glass products to suit all Aluminium Windows, UPVC and Timber. All of our Double Glazed Sealed Units are manufactured with the highest quality materials, our main source of glass comes from Pilkingtons and Saint Gobain, the trusted well known suppliers of Glass for Replacement Windows throughout the UK and the World, and window replacement company. Cheap double glazing, made simple at Misty Glaze.

The highest grade of desiccant and spacer bars are used during the manufacturing process, please see our different glass types with all the technical data and information for each product.


This type of glass is the standard grade that is used in windows and doors all over the world, it is very popular in older uPVC, aluminium and timber double glazing systems, it is a high quality annealed glass, manufactured by the float process and conforms to standard BS EN572-2. This Glass will still be used on the newer thermal insulated systems on the outer panes.


Soft coat glass is designed to keep the interiors more comfortable in the winter months, and improves the energy efficiency of your property. This type of glass is known as low emissivity glass or low e glass.
Soft coat products have a transparent metallic coating that reflects heat from radiators or fires back into the roomrather than allowing it to escape through the windows, at the same time it allows free heat and light from the sun(known as passive solar heat gain)to pass through the glass, warming your home and further contribution to the energy efficiency of your windows, low e glass has more of a tinted affect in direct sunlight, and soft-coat is amore discreet tint that is less noticeable on your replacement windows, to try and avoid a window moisture repair.


Toughened Glass is used on all doors as standard plus windows of a certain size, the glass is up to five times stronger than standard glass of the same thickness, it meets worldwide safety standards for glass subjected to accidental human impact at the highest level of severity, the glass is manufactured by a heating and cooling treatment whereby high compression stresses are set up at the surfaces with balancing tensile stresses in the center, the high compression surface stresses give the toughened glass its increased strength, when broken toughened glass will shatter into small blunt edge fragments which reduce the risk of injury and conforms to the requirements of BS 6206:1981 Class A as well as European standard BS EN12600, and is widely used by many window replacement company.


Laminated Glass consists of two pieces of glass laminated together with a very tough and durable plastic, when broken it will still remain integral due to the plastic between the glass, remaining safe even when broken.

Although it will crack easier than toughened glass it has a better security aspect as a much greater force is need to break the plastic, many commercial buildings and curtain wall systems have this glass + toughened for security and safety, laminated comes in a range of thicknesses and conforms with BS 6206:1981

Stapid silence is a acoustic soundproof version of laminated glass, and has two sheets of glass bonded together by a acoustic polyvynl butyral interlayer know as PVB, This glass reduces noise from the outside in commercial and residential buildings located in noisy areas.


We offer a full range of Obscured Glass, and can match most existing patterns, the most popular of designs are Arctic, Autumn Leaf, Stippolyte, Minster, Sycamore, Taffeta, Mayflower, Cotswold, Digital, Flemish, Everglade, Florrielle, Contour, Charcoal sticks, Oak, Pereline, Chantilly And a white satin, our staff will be more than happy to send any images of the different patterns, to match your existing patterns when we repair double glazing seals.

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