Emergency Glazing – Glass Replacement Service

Let Misty Glaze take care of your emergency glass fitting



Our emergency glass replacement service will be carried out quickly, professionally, and affordable. If you have suffered from a unfortunate burglary or act of vandalism and in need of an emergency glass fitting or window replacement glass, you can rely on us to act quickly on securing your premises with our broken window repair. We will always give a honest and accurate time on when a engineer can attend, and will always try to attend on the same day to your emergency window replacement.

When a emergency window service is required, we will use a special glazing film to secure the glass on survey, and our experienced surveyors will identify the existing glass with our laser equipment, giving our clients piece of mind that the exact same level of glass specification is matched, or even upgraded. 

When dealing with emergency glass fitting, we deal with various insurance companies, building maintenance departments, facility managers, and emergency services. We know the inconvenience and stress that goes with the aftermath of a burglary or criminal damage, crime reference numbers and times and dates of the incident will be recorded and issued on the invoice of the works when completed to make things a lot more stress free and easier for our clients with our emergency window repair service. During the winter months the burglary rate within the Buckhurst Hill, Ilford, Chigwell and Loughton areas reach a high. We receive a high rate of emergency glass replacement and emergency glass fitting callouts.


A very popular call out we receive at Misty Glaze, is from Lawnmowers and strimmers, that flick stones from the blades at very high speed, causing fast and devastating impact to the glass. Most back doors that have a big area of glass fall victim to this breakage. 90% of the time the glass would be toughened safety glass, and will shatter into lots of small bits, this usually all stays together, and is often described as looking like a spiders web, we would cover with film to avoid any debris when taking out the existing double glazed sealed unit.

We only replace and carry out emergency repairs to glass that is double glazed, any single glazing would need to be carried out by a traditional emergency glazier, if our customers are stuck in finding a company to carry out this repair, our office staff will try the best to offer some numbers of local companies that offer this service.

Usually a double glazed unit will only be broken on one side, and a emergency board up would not be necessary, this would save on having the expense of two visits for a board up, and then the new glass replacement, however if the glass is unsafe or has gone through both panes, a board up solution would be offered, and quoted prior to a site survey by our office team.

Double glazed sealed units are sometimes unpredictable and can explode without warning and no explanation or sign of impact, due to expansion of upvc, plus weather and the elements, and in some scenarios how the glass has been installed and manufactured


Please ask a member of our team about upgrading your existing toughened safety glass to our more secure laminated glass, on low level windows and doors, unfortunately toughened safety glass means it is also safe for the burglars, a lot of glass attacks on back doors take place, laminated glass is the same as a car windscreen, and is very tough durable product, it withstands lots of force and striking to be able to break through, leaving burglars to think twice as this would make lots of noise trying to break, making noise and attention, we would highly recommend having this glass on the ground floor of any flat or house, give us a call today for more info on your window replacement glass needs.

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