The most common enquiries our office staff receive on a daily basis is “ my windows are 10 to 15 years old, can they be repaired” my windows are between 20 to 30 years old, I have been told that I need to replace the frames and that they are unrepairable and you cannot just change the glass”

The answer is a very big YES! We can restore your windows no matter what age!!

This following blog post will answer all of the questions, if your existing windows are double glazed and are either, Upvc, timber or aluminium we can restore them by just replacing the glass or the broken parts, hinges, handles, locks ETC

Our latest project was for a client that inherited a Victorian property from his parents in the leafy suburbs of Woodford Green on the outskirts of London

On arrival to survey the Doors in question, we was amazed to see some very big looking Timber doors that had Two Misty glass units with Hinges and Glass sizes that you do not see every day!!!

Our Client explained that the doors were installed by his Father in 1960, and that he wanted to keep them as the held sentimental value to him

They were double glazed and were made up of 4mm clear float glass on the external and internal panes, separated by a 6mm silver spacer bar, two of the panes had failed and become Misty

He then told us the same story we hear on a daily basis “ I have had 2 well respected window companies come to inspect the doors and they said that the Glass cannot be replaced and that you should be looking to upgrade to the new bi fold doors, at the cost of between £5,000 to £10,000”

This Client wasn’t intrested in hearing anything else but “Yes we can restore your doors and just replace the glass”

After the order was placed and 3 weeks later, the installation took place, it took around 4 hours to replace the 2 units, as our installation team were aware of the Age and value these doors were to our customer, luckily we did change the Glass as many years ago Toughened safety glass wasn’t compulsory in Doors and Windows, and taking the existing glass out was a very dangerous and delicate process

We replaced the Glass in 4mm Toughened safety glass on the internal and external panes, making them extremely safe and user friendly now!!

We finished the external panes in external grade Dow Corning Anthracite grey 7016 RAL Colour Silicone to match the existing paintwork, our client was so happy with the end results and very grateful that we restored these wonderful doors

blog-2-image1 blog-2-image2

So when our Customers call us and ask those questions regarding the age of there windows, the answer is we can fully restore your windows, no matter what age by just simply replacing the Glass

The above project was the oldest product we have worked on to this date, at over 55 years old and successful results, we can most certainly help you too!!

Have a look at our before and after pictures of the wonderful doors, look at the size of the hinges, they certainly do not make them like this anymore!!!

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